5 Signs You’re Barreling Into Crazy Cat Lady Territory

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

The internet’s mascot, the cute, cuddly cats of the world, are enigmatic creatures, balls of frenetic energy that set on and off (mostly off) at spontaneous times of the day. But say, you are a middle-aged woman who owns one or several cats. Chances are, you’ve been unfairly tagged as an obsessive cat lady whose life is overrun by furiously cute balls of fur.

Being stereotyped as a crazy cat lady is one thing. But if any of these signs point to your current lifestyle, chances are, your cats are totally controlling your life:

1. People Ask About Your Cats

“So, how’s Sergeant FuzzyTails doing?” your co-worker asked on a Monday morning. Then you go on a 30-minute mind-numbing monologue about how Sergeant FuzzyTails spent most of the weekend sleeping, eating, going on a Star Trek movie marathon and occasionally throwing up on your shoes. If people start talking to you about your cat/s, it’s a sign that you’ve been talking about your cats so much to the point that it’s all people know about you.

2. Everything You Own is Covered in Cat Hair

If you spend a sizable chunk of your time running a lint brush on your dress, bags, shoes over and over again, chances are, you own way too many cats and they get everywhere. If people start handing you lint brushes at work, congratulations, you just hurdled a completely different level of cat lady craziness.

3. Your Photos Stream Does Not Have A Single Human in Them

“Here’s a photo of Mr. Snowbelle running around on fresh snow. Here he is, pawing at my pet fish, and here’s another where he murdered our heirloom foot stool…,” you drone on and on as you proudly show off your photo stream to your friends and co-workers. Then someone points out there was not a time where an actual human was snapped together with the cat. Uh-oh.

4. Most Of Your Expenses Go Directly To Cat Care

Say, you go to your local grocer to replenish your supplies. Instead of going to the food aisle or even  the cosmetics counter, you elbow your way to the pet section, fighting tooth and nail for the last cans of Fancy Feast. Then you head immediately to the cashier to pay off all the cat shampoos, cat toys, bags and bags of kibbles and sacks of cat litter, only to realize the only thing you bought for yourself is a lint brush because you’re all out.

5. You Don’t Think Twice About Blowing Off Friends On A Saturday Night For Cat Cuddles

If you’re the type who won’t think twice about ditching your friends just to spend the rest of the weekend cuddling your cat, you might be a wee bit cat obsessed. If your Saturday evening itinerary consists mainly of kitty licks, junk food, and TLOTR marathon, you need help.

There’s nothing wrong with loving and caring for animals especially if they love you back! But a line has to be drawn somewhere. Your cat looks at you more like a companion, not its mom. So, ease up on the crazy cat obsession and try to focus on establishing better relationships with friends and family. The idea is not to keep you away from your beloved pet, but to strike a balance between your personal life and being a responsible cat owner.