5 Tips for Raising a Healthy, Happy Pooch!

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Whether you’re a newbie pet owner or you’ve been raising fur babies as far back as you can remember, you want to ensure that your pets get the best care possible. Apart from regular visits to the vet and giving them all the love and nurturing they need, we’re listing down practical ways to raise healthy, happy dogs:

Ensure Proper Nutrition

If say, you’re a new pet owner, we recommend educating yourself on how to give proper nutrition to your dog. Just like human beings, the kind of food you prepare for your pet can impact his health; so you want to make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs to grow strong and happy. Consequently, you want to avoid foods that may potentially harm your dog like garlic, onions, chocolates, and grapes. Chocolates and grapes are toxic to dogs! Finally, there are many tasty treats for your canine friend at your local grocer but don’t let that stop you from whipping up your own dog treats!

Take Regular Walks!

Don’t stop at regular dog walks; run, play, and bond with your pet at every turn. It’s good for you and your pooch! Dogs—especially those that are not accustomed to a healthy, active lifestyle—are prone to obesity. This will shorten their life span. Wouldn’t you want to spend many happy years with your best friend?

Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from giving your pet a little exercise. A 30-minute walk to the local part each day should be enough to keep your pooch fit. You can let him out to “do his biz” too. Playing Frisbee or catch with your pet is the best way to give your dog much needed exercise!

Train Your Pet

Just like humans, pets are expected to act a certain way. For example, no shoe chewing, not defecating within the house, and no biting or barking at the dead of the night (unless of course, there’s an intruder).

While you can give your dog basic training, we recommend taking problematic pets to an obedience school. You and your pet can attend together and it’ll be another great opportunity to bond. You can watch your instructor in action as he keeps your dog on his best behavior and instill respect and obedience to his master (that’s you).

Make Play Dates

Sure, he’s your best friend and you hang out with your pet 24/7, but it would be nice to get your dog to meet and socialize with other dogs too! Dogs have different ways of communicating with other dogs and social interaction is an important part of owning a pet. You can make play dates with fellow pet owners or hang out at pet-friendly parks and cafes.

Give Your Pet Lots of Love and Attention

Dogs live for attention. They thrive in a loving, nurturing environment. Make time to bond with your pet as often as you can. Don’t keep him cooped up in your home for the rest of the day just waiting for you to come home! Dogs love their masters unconditionally. Return the favor by showering your pet with lots of kisses, hugs, as well as adding more bonding time with your pooch!