7 Dangerous Exotic Pets

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When we talk about pets, the first thing that comes into mind is dogs and cats and maybe those cute little hamsters. However, to some people, the more exotic and dangerous the animal is the better. They think that having exotic pets is a good idea because one, there are only a few people who own something like it and two, no one else can afford having exotic pets. So basically, owning an exotic pet is considered to be a game-changer among all pet owners. While this seems to be a good idea, you need to understand that it is not a good idea, not at all. But in case you want to own an exotic pet, here are seven dangerous exotic pets that you should think twice to a hundred before even purchasing them.

1. Primates

You might say what’s the danger in having a primate as pet? When I say primate, it doesn’t only limit to monkeys alone. In fact, lemurs are primates and so are capuchins, chimpanzees and baboons. Yes they are cute and yet they can be trained but understand that they also have tempers. They may go on a rampage without warning and may cause to bite owners. They are also known to carry diseases like Hepatitis A and HIV-1 so you might just want to think about owning one before anything else.

2. Poisonous snakes

Sure, having a pet snake is cool but if you’re thinking of owning a poisonous snake then forget about it. These snakes can kill you in one bite; it doesn’t matter if they are tamed or trained, a poisonous snake is poisonous! Worse, they could escape and harm other people. Some of these snakes don’t even have anti-venom made specifically for them and even the least venomous kind like the copper head snake can still do damage, so I don’t think that it is a great idea to own one at all!

3. Big Cats

A domesticated house cat is cute but a big cat? Think again! Lions, cougars, tigers and leopards may sound awesome as pets but remember, they have big claws, sharp teeth and jaw muscles that can bite a gazelle’s head off. They can eat you if they want to. While you can de-claw your domesticated cat, these cats cannot have the same thing as they can become paralyze when done incorrectly. So do you still want a big cat as your pet? I don’t think so!

4. Bears

You might think that they are cute and cuddly but bears are even more dangerous than big cats. This is because they are intelligent, omnivorous and opportunistic mammals in nature that could rip your face off with their sharp claws. And did I forget to mention that they have powerful jaws? Yes, these animals may look cute but being mauled and eaten by a bear is a horrible way to die, so getting them as a pet is not really a good idea.

5. Elephants

Seeing an elephant at a circus or watching Dumbo is not a good basis for having an elephant as a pet. Sure they can be trained and perhaps be taught a few tricks or two but these large mammals are not ideal for pets. Keep in mind that when these animals get spooked, it may take a whole town to calm them down. That is why they are handled by professionals and not by one who doesn’t have any knowledge about elephants. Though they are vegetarians, it has been reported that they have attacked people on purpose. They are also considered to be one the smartest animals which mean that they have a mind of their own too.

6. Wolfdogs

No they are not wolves or dogs but simply wolfdogs or a dog that was bred with a wolf. Although they are a member of the canine family, they are not considered to make as good pets like the regular dogs. Surprisingly, they are considered to be more dangerous than wolves. They are highly unpredictable and problematic so owning one is not a good option.

7. Constricting snakes

Snakes by nature are dangerous animals but one that constricts is another level. Boas and pythons are among the many exotic animals that people love to keep and although there have been rare human fatalities; pet owners are warned about their behavior. Burmese pythons for example are known to roam around their cages so if they ever get out of it, you can be sure that they will coil on anything that moves. This means that they could potentially harm other pets or people.

While it is a good idea to have a different pet, the dangers that it comes along with are real. I would recommend on sticking with a cat or dog, it’s better to be safe than sorry!