8 Ways To Protect Your Pooch From Cancer

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the number one cause of deaths in people per year. But while deaths due to cancer is common in humans, dogs are just as vulnerable to the disease! In fact, cancer is a very common illness in dogs, especially Golden retrievers where 60% of them die each year from the disease. So how do you protect your beloved pooch from cancer and minimize your pet’s risk in developing the disease? Consider these tips:

1. Maintain Your Pet’s Normal Weight

Obese dogs have higher chances of developing cancer than pooches with normal weight. In one study, the amount of food an animal eat is instrumental to the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. This means the progression of tumor development across other species, including canine is radically delayed because of the level of calorie taken in every meal.


The same study suggests that fewer calories lead the body to block the tumor growth. Apart from preventing the onset of certain canine cancers, maintaining your pet’s ideal weight also minimizes the likelihood of obesity and its symptoms.

Obesity has a strong link to cancer in human. The connection between the two diseases could be too much glucose, insulin sensitivity, oxidative stress and inflammation, all factors occurs in cancer and obesity.

So the next time Spot insist on a 30 minute stroll in the park, bust out the leash and go. Fat does not just sit harmlessly on your pet’s body. It can turn deadly without exercise! We recommend taking your dog’s favorite toys and/or play catch in the park to increase your pet’s physical activity. Coupled with a balanced diet and regular check-ups, keep your canine companion’s health in tip-top shape!