DIY Cat Hammock to Spoil Your Cat Even More

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cats are cute but let’s face it: they can be quite messy to live with. Cats will invade your space, edge you out of the couch, and even sleep in the weirdest places (like your laptop). So what do you? How do you get your beloved feline friend his own space without accidents? Get him a cat hammock!

Cats love to lounge and sleep. In fact, cats will spend at least 20 hours each day sleeping. Cats sleep so much because in the wild, they are predators, not prey. This gives them luxury to chill out and not worry about being preyed on by larger animals. They conserve their energy too. They sleep until a prey comes along. In a short burst of energy, the cat will chase after its prey. If the cat doesn’t catch his prey, he won’t eat.

In a household setting, your cat needs a safe, relaxing place to rest. After all, your cat will stay in his resting place for most of the day (and night) so it’s worth making his spot as cozy as possible and a cat hammock is perfect for lounging!

The good news is, you don’t even have to buy a cat hammock, you can make one yourself. Of course, you have to know how to work the sewing machine to make your spoiled kitty his own cat hammock. It’s cheaper and it’s very easy to make. Here’s how to do it:

You will need:

2 plastic hangers
14×24 polar fleece
Sewing machine
A pair of scissors
Straight pins


Step 1: On a flat surface like a countertop or a table, lay the polar fleece. At end of the fleece’s two sides, place the plastic hanger. Put them in a position where you can fold the 14-inch edges over the rods that run from the bottom of the hangers.

Step 2: Start folding three inches of fabric on the edge of the fleece over the bottom of the hanger. Secure the position temporarily with straight pins. Do the same thing to the other edge of the fabric with the second hanger.

Step 3: With your sewing machine, start stitching the folded fabric into place. Always sew the edges backward and forward at least twice to make sure the hammock can accommodate the weight of your cat. Note that some cats tend to grow bigger over time. So make the stitching strong enough to accommodate the changing weight of your pet.

Step 4: Take off the straight pins you used to secure the fabric and voila, you have your own cat hammock. Hang it anywhere in your home. We recommend somewhere cool with a warm patch of sun.

Why Make a Cat Hammock?

Makes Cats Feel Safer

You can put the cat hammock underneath a chair, it makes them feel safe and comforts them knowing they are in close proximity with their humans. Under a chair also allows them to observe what’s going on around them and hide at a moment’s notice.

Less Clutter

No more snoozing on the laptop (or keyboard) or accidentally stepping on a sleeping cat! With a cat hammock, your cat can sleep to his heart’s content without being disturbed.

It’s A Cool Gift

A cool cat deserves an equally cool gift. A cat hammock is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Your cat will love you even more for it!