Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Some people think that cats are bipolar because of the way they behave. They’re needy at one point and then will claw you the next! They either love you or hate you but there’s something mystical about cats that makes them special. There’s something about them that makes us human wonder. In some cultures, cats bring good luck while some bring omen. Either way, cats are special to us and have played a big part in our lives.

Owning a pet cat can be challenging especially if you haven’t had a pet like that (or if you are a dog person) or if you are allergic to them but raising a pet cat can be very beneficial not only because they can spot mice around the house but they contribute to your physical and emotional well-being as well. You may wonder, how in the world can my cat save me? A lot actually and there’s power in a cat’s purr and if you don’t believe it, here are the benefits!

Why do cats purr?

According to research and studies, cats purr when they are content, comfortable and secured. It is also a significant sign that they are happy and healthy. It is also their way of communicating to other cat however that’s not all. Cats purr when they are distressed or afraid. It has been found out that sick cats often purr as a reassurance and to calm itself. Purring is also their way of conveying their moods and needs. Often times, purring is accompanied by squinting, stretching, facial rubbing and even spraying.

Benefits of cat purrs

It is a known fact that cat purrs are beneficial to our health but how beneficial are they? A cat’s purr creates vibration that is about 20 to 140 Hz. This vibration is said to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses. By petting your cat alone can help calm your nerves and lessens your stress. It is also known to decrease the symptoms of dysponea. They also help decrease the risk of having heart attacks by 40%. The vibration sound with frequencies of 25 Hz to 50 Hz that is released when cats are purring can help strengthen bones and at the same time strengthens muscles. It is also believed that cat purrs can help tendon and ligament injuries. A cat’s purr can also help in reducing swelling and infections. No wonder they are considered sacred to some cultures!

As you can see, cats have great abilities despite their unpredictable behaviors. According to studies, people who own pet cats or dogs have proven to be healthier and more active. Of course, cats, dogs and other pets in general do not own magic powers but rather how the chemicals in our brain interpret the interaction we have with our beloved pet that keeps us healthy. So if you don’t have cats or other pets yet, then it is high time that you do. Interacting with them can surely be beneficial to our health and state of mind.