How to Catch a Snake: How to Make a Snake Catcher

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Snakes are usually found in parts of the forests and in the wild but if you live in a place where these slithering creatures are often found, it’s not surprising if you see them hanging around your backyard. Often times when a snake is found in your yard, the first thing you might think of is killing it. However, that is not always the case especially when they are harmless. Sometimes you just have to remove them from your property and place them back to their habitat. Now if have encountered snakes in your property one too many times, it’s time that you make your own snake catcher so you can effectively remove them without posing a danger to yourself and others.

Making a snake catcher is relatively easy. All you need are a few materials and patience to get it done. For your materials in making this snake catcher, you need:

  • A long and thick PVC pipe or a pipe of your choice (it could be plastic or steel, depending on which ones will work for you in catching snakes) approximately about 6 feet long and is ¾ to 1” in diameter.
  • Nylon cord that is about ¼” thick and long enough to go through your pipe.
  • Drill for holes.


To make your own snake catcher, what you need to do is drill a ¼” hole about 2 inches from the bottom end of the pipe with your drill. Once the hole is there, thread the nylon cord through the hole you drilled and into the undrilled pipe. In order to keep the cord from pulling out, tie a firm knot out of the drilled hole. Once you have it, you are now done with your very own snake catcher. Now you can get rid of the any snakes in your property.

How to catch a snake:

Catching a snake needs time and patience. Since there are different kinds of snakes, it is important that you can visualize the snake before you decide to catch them otherwise you might end up getting bitten or worse, the snake can get away and harm others.

In order for you to use your snake catcher effectively, you must have a good amount of cord to make a small loop at the end of the pipe. Place this loop over the snake’s head and then pull the loose end of the cord until you can control the snake’s head. Once the snake’s head is secured well enough, lift the snake and place it a container. A container that is large enough to contain the snake can help. Make sure that it has air holes and lid to cover the snake in.

If you are catching venomous snakes like a rattlesnake, make sure that you gently place it in the container so it cannot strike you. Always make sure that the container you place them are big enough so they may have space to breathe.

Snakes are not to be feared of, if there’s one thing you can do for them it’s by helping them populate. They are very helpful in rodent control that usually carries different kinds of diseases. So if you ever encounter snakes in your property, don’t kill them right away. Saving their lives can also save your life in the future.