How to Choose the Best Cattery Cheshire for Your Cat

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Say you’re going on a holiday but you have cats that require constant caring. You’re wary about asking your loved ones to look after your cats because you don’t want to take more of their time. What do you do? How do you keep your cats happy while you go on a vacation?

Getting a cattery in Cheshire is one way to keep your cats taken care of while you’re away. Catteries are comprised of cat experts who will attend to every need of your feline friends. All you need to do is to set up a schedule, check the cats in on the agreed date, and let the caretakers handle the rest.

Each cat will be given an individual unit with lots of room to play and nap. Moreover, most catteries in Cheshire offer 24-hour supervision to ensure total safety and security. The caretakers will also provide the beddings and supplies for your pets. You have the option to get medical check-ups or grooming services for your cats while you are away. If you’re looking to having your cat taken care of by a local cattery in your area, what things do you have to look for to ensure the best care for your cats? Consider these tips:

Go for the Nearest Cattery

If there are many catteries in your local area, then choose the closest to your home. You want your cat to be familiar with the surroundings so there’s less stress on your pet. Also, catteries near your area are likely to cost you less. Taking the trip to retrieve your cat will be less stressful for you and for cats too if the cattery is near your home.

Living Conditions

The second most important factor you should consider when looking for the best cattery Cheshire for your cat is the living conditions of the facility. It’s important that your cat is placed in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable unit with enough room to play. Temperature of the units is an issue too. Ideally, the room should have moderate temperature and never far away from direct sunlight. Cats love to lounge around and catch some rays.

Proper Feeding

It’s hard to let others take care of your cats because you know the needs of your pets the best. So it’s equally important to choose catteries that will attend to the needs of your pets properly — including feeding. Cats need a steady supply of clean drinking water and just enough portions of food. Most catteries have a set of feeding times; it’s best to inquire about them. You could also leave instructions on how/what to feed your cats, if there’s a need for it.


Caring for cats require patience, passion, and commitment. That’s why some catteries charge more than others. Of course, this does not mean cheaper catteries will offer poorer service and vice versa. The key is to not let the cost become the major deciding factor for choosing a cattery. You want a cattery that genuinely cares for the welfare of your pets. It helps if you choose a cattery that’s getting a lot of great feedbacks from people you know!