How to Entertain and Play with Pet Rabbit

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Rabbits are wonderful animals. They are also curious and playful creatures by nature which is why many people choose to adopt them as pets. Just like your pet cats and dogs, rabbits also need physical activity to keep them strong and active. Now if you are a first time rabbit owner then know that keeping them entertained by playing is one of your jobs to do. So how can you play with your pet rabbit then? Is there any type of play that they should do? Can they play with toys? To answer all of that, here are tips and tricks that you can follow when playing with your beloved pet rabbit.

Toys for Rabbits

In order to play with your bunny, you need to have the right toys for them. The kind of toy you buy must be according to your rabbit’s personality. Before you do that, make sure to observe them first as this will help you choose the kind of toys that you should buy for them. There are bunnies that like to shred and dig while others like to toss things. If they like to explore, putting up cardboard boxes, tunnels and the likes for them to check out is also another way for them to play. If they like to toss things then you can always choose small toys that they can toss or simply give them something to shred.

Hide and Seek

Rabbits are curios critters and playing hide and seek is the best game for them. You can do this by placing your rabbit near you and then walk and hide while your rabbit is not looking. Make sure that your pet doesn’t see you but at the same time make it obvious. If they want to play, they will surely run and find you. Keep doing this until your bunny gets used to this game.

“Where’s the Bunny?”

Holding a blanket or towel over your rabbit and say “where’s the bunny?” and then let it go. Your rabbit will then leap out and find its way out of the towel or blanket. Some rabbits may enjoy this game but if your rabbit bites you for playing it, might as well think of another game for it.


This game involves a ball which is about the size of a medium stone. To play with your rabbit, roll the ball slowly towards your rabbit’s nose. If they want to play they will nudge the ball back into your direction. If they don’t want to play then don’t force them to. It will only stress them in the long run.

Take it for a walk

Some rabbits like taking walks although they actually like to run or hop around. Buying a leash for your rabbit can do the trick but of course, you have to make sure that your bunny is up for it.

Playing in the yard

If you have a wide space in your backyard then allowing your bunny to explore can definitely entertain them. You can set up cardboard tunnels in the yard for them to explore as they spend a few hours in your yard to play.

As you play with your bunny, be sure to be extra patient. They are not your typical cat or dog so you need to be very patient with them as you teach them new ways to be entertained.