How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell in the House or Yard

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Having pets like cats and dogs are great! They’re fun and the ultimate stress reliever. However since they are living beings, it is normal for them to defecate and pee. It doesn’t matter if your pets are trained, the smell of animal urine can be really pungent at times. One of the worse smelling animal urine there is belongs to cats.

Although some cats are trained to use cat litter, there are those that make use of the yard and parts of the house as their bathroom! Now if you are having problems with the smell of cat urine in your yard and house then you need to find the solution to fix that. In this article, we will talk about the different ways that you can do to eliminate that smell.

Here’s How:

First of all, you need to remove as much urine as you can around the house. Check for corners, carpe stains or under furniture. Clean it up as soon as you see them pee. If your cat peed on the carpet or furniture, blot it out with an absorbent paper towel. This will not take off the urine but at least you have lesser problems to do later for the actual cleaning. If they peed in clothing, drapes and the likes dry clean them as soon as you can. The longer the urine stays the more odorous it becomes. You can use detergents with baking soda or enzymatic additives to help remove the smell

Enzymatic cleaner is helpful in breaking down the stain and smell of cat urine. It eats the urine and leaves things odor-free as well as sanitary once it dries up. There are also sprays that is made up with enzyme cleaner as well as cleaners from pet stores that you can use. Make sure to follow the directions before cleaning the area where your cat peed. Make sure that you clean it up well too because if you don’t, cats will only smell it all over again and use the same spot to pee.

Avoid using steam cleaners as they can cause the odor to stick in the carpet or furniture. Instead, use extracting wet vac. These carpet cleaners help expel clean water into the carpet then sucked dirty one back in the tank. Make sure also to use cool, clean water if you are going to use wet vac. Baking soda based air fresheners also help clear the air once you are done cleaning cat urine.

In case your cat leaves urine in your yard or porch, locate the area and make sure to hose it down with water and detergent with baking soda ingredients. Scrub your porch and make sure that all areas are cleaned well. This will help eliminate the smell and will keep your yard smelling fresh.

To avoid this kind of incident in the future, make sure that you retrain your cat to use its litter box again. Make sure to clean out the litter box often to remove any bad smell. If this doesn’t work, have your cat spayed or neutered. You can also take your cat to the vet to see if there are any problems with regards to frequent urination. This way you know what to do the next time they pee around the house or outside its litter box.