How to Stop Your Cat’s Excessive Meowing

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Incredibly, adult cats never meow to other cats— suggesting that meowing is a form of communication cats use specifically for their human companions. Unfortunately, there are times when a cat’s incessant meowing can be annoying. Some cats tend to meow more than others do. Burmese and Siamese cats, for instance, are known to be more vocal than other species of cats.

We often associate constant cat’s meowing with demands for food or pleas for cuddles but excessive meowing could also indicate health or behavioral problems in felines. Before you try to figure out how to stop your cat from meowing, you need to identify the reason behind it.

Reasons for Excessive Meowing and How to Prevent Them

Cat Needs Food

This is the most common reason why cats meow. They want a kibbles refill. If your cat starts meowing, check to see if its food and/or water bowl are empty or unclean. Cats hate dirty drinking water so make sure their water bowl is always filled with fresh, clean drinking water.

Cat Needs Attention

It’s normal for a cat to meow loudly and excessively especially if it’s been left alone all day. Think of its meowing as a compliment; your cat just misses you!To stop your cat’s excessive meowing, you should give it plenty of bonding time. Groom, play, and cuddle with your cat!

Cat Feels Sick

Meowing is your cat’s way of telling you that he might be feeling under the weather. If your cat is older than 10 and tends to meow loudly at night, he could be suffering from hyperthyroidism. See his vet immediately. Other possible health problems associated with excessive meowing in cats include kidney disease or high blood pressure. If your cat’s excessive meowing is a new behavior, now’s a good time to make an appointment with your vet to determine what your cat is trying to tell you.

Cat is Stressed Out

Cats are creatures of habit and if something in the home has been changed for some reason or there was a loss of a loved one, it can cause too much stress on cats. That’s why they meow more frequently than usual. We recommend figuring out what is stressing your cat out and help him adjust to the changes made in your home by giving him more attention and quiet time as he adjusts.

Cat is Mentally Confused

Just like older human beings, older cats do suffer from mental confusion because of aging. Older cats could sometimes become confused, disoriented, or unfamiliar with his surroundings so they meow excessively especially at night. You can prevent excessive meowing due to nighttime disorientation in aging cats by leaving several nightlights on hallways or rooms.

Cat is in Heat

Mating season in cats occurs several times per year. If your cat hasn’t been neutered or spayed, they will go completely nuts when they’re in heat. Female cats will meow excessively looking for a mate and male cats will reciprocate the female cats’ meowing by meowing some more. When cats meow in unison, it can be maddening! So if you don’t want to go crazy at certain times of the year, have your cats spayed or neutered when they reach the right age.