Potty Training: Getting Your Dog to Go Outside in the Rain

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Successfully training your dog to potty outside is one thing. It’s another when it’s pouring outside and your pet refuses to “do his business” because of the rain. Even the most water-loving pooch will not pee or poop in the middle of a downpour. That’s because that’s not part of their training. This is one thing you have to consider when potty training your pet. If your pooch just refuses to do his business outside if it rains, consider these tips:

Training in the Rain

Just to expound, your pet refuses to go because he’s not accustomed to doing his business in the rain. So make this a part of his training. If there’s an afternoon drizzle during training, don’t wait until the rain is over. Continue the training in any weather condition just so your dog will get used to it.

Training with Umbrellas

When you train with umbrellas, it means you have to stay put until your dog is done with his business. Hold the umbrella to the dog. This also means you will get wet. Better wear a raincoat too. This will make your dog feel comfortable defecating or peeing in a seemingly different climate.

Stay Put

Some dogs refuse to go in the rain if its companion won’t stay put. This is a normal behavior. But it’s not fun when it’s raining cats and dogs! Most dogs feel comfortable and safe when their humans are nearby. Also, they get spooked by a bolt of lightning or sounds of branches snapping. So your presence comforts your pet. Just stick around before and after doing his business. And always with the leash. You don’t want your dog bolting out of the backyard in the middle of the rain.

Try Walking Your Pet

Sometimes, the dog won’t go because there are so many things that get his attention. It could be the wet grass, the crickets, the bolt of lightning, etc. So try walking your dog if he can’t go. Walk him on a leash around the yard. You can also venture outside for several minutes. This helps work up the mood to go.


If your dog won’t calm down because of the rain, try giving him rewards. Do not scold or yell at your dog just because he can’t go. Some things cannot be rushed. Instead, you want to keep your dog calm so he can focus on relieving himself. A couple of treats should do the trick. You can bring his favorite treats, a piece of cheese or beef jerky.

Praise Him

Positive reinforcement works like a charm especially in situations when you want your dog to remain calm and happy. Praise your dog enthusiastically for getting out there and doing his business successfully even when it’s raining!

Factors to Consider

It’s not safe to take your dog out in the middle of a hurricane. In such cases, keep the dog inside. If your dog needs to potty, have an indoor dog potty ready. Stock up on potty pads or a potty patch. Train your dog how to use these things. If you need to evacuate, don’t forget to bring the potty pads too!

Also, it’s best to keep a portion of your yard covered in case of rain. Your dog is likely to go much quicker if he knows he’s safe from the rain or the falling snow.

As soon as your dog is done, go straight to the house. This will train your dog to go back inside the house as soon as he’s done with his business.