Six Ways to Stop Your Dog From Pooping Inside Your Car

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

It’s not a pretty site when it happens. Sometimes your dog get so excited about taking a car trip that he looses control of his bowels and unintentionally ends up pooping in your car. This is a very quick way to ruin even the most well planned trip. Here are some effective ways to keep your beloved dog from pooping inside your car:

1. Prepare your dog for the trip.

Before you leave your driveway, take your dog on a short walk to give him adequate time to move his bowels outside. Avoid rushing your dog as he moves from tree to tree sniffing in an unhurried manner, as this behavior may all be in preparation for the big bowel movement which can save the inside of your car from a serious soiling. When he has a bowel movement outside, praise him profusely and give him a small treat. It’s important to reinforce your dog’s good behavior.

 2. Make plans for frequent stops.

If you’re going on a longer trip, plan on stopping at regular intervals at a rest stop or other suitable area that allows dogs. Bring along a leash so you can walk your dog for brief intervals at each stop. This is also a good time to give your dog water. Be sure to reward your dog with a treat each time he relieves himself outside. This will, hopefully, reduce your dog’s risk of pooping inside the car when he returns to it.

 3. Watch for signs of discomfort.

Many dogs will whine or bark before pooping inside the car. Consider this just warning and pull over to the side of the road if you notice your dog behaving strangely. Other signs that your dog is about to have a bowel movement include pacing back and forth or barking. Be aware of your dog’s body language to prevent future accidents.

 4. Take precautions to protect your car.

Bring along some old blankets to cover the seats and floors of your car. If an accident occurs, it will be a simple task to roll the blankets up and store them away in a plastic bag until you return home. Bring along some extra towels just in case.

 5. Avoid feeding your dog just prior to and during the trip.

One effective way to prevent your dog from pooping inside the car is to avoid feeding him within three hours of a planned trip. You should also avoid giving him snacks and treats while you’re in the car.

 6. Bring along some familiar toys.

If your dog has been housetrained well, you need to reinforce that the car is just an extension of the house. When your dog sees toys that normally belong in the home, he may equate home and the car as both being areas where it’s off limits for him to relieve himself.

Give some of these preventative tips for dog pooping a try. Gradually, you should be able to break your dog of this annoying habit so your trips together can be more pleasant.