The Truth About How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Permanently

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Getting bed bugs in your bed can be really uncomfortable. Besides, you really don’t want to sleep in a bed full of bugs that sucks your blood, right? Now if you are having bed bug problems then it is indeed a situation that you must face right away. If you want some good night’s rest without thinking that bed bugs are infesting the same bed you are sleeping on then you must get rid of those nasty bugs immediately! But how can you do that? Is there an effective way to get rid of them?

Bed bugs are nasty creatures. They often sneak in when you least expected it. Once they find a place to burrow, they eventually grow in numbers. They could also stay in various places like inside your bed, behind your baseboards, in your pillows and under your bed sheets. They can also come from cracks and crevices in your walls and ceiling. Some bed bugs can also get inside your furniture especially in couches and cushioned chairs. At times they are in picture frames, wall sockets and electrical plugs. Since bed bugs love dark places, you can also found them in the darkest corners of your room and under furniture. So before you remove them, make sure that you have checked every nook and cranny around your house first.

How to get rid of them

Vacuuming your place can help and if you want to try this method, make sure that you vacuum every space and corners that you have around your home. It is also recommended that you vacuum the end of your curtains as bed bugs like to stick themselves into the seams. If you have the money steaming can also work. There are many professional carpet cleaners that can do this for you. Bug spray sometimes work but there’s a possibility that bed bugs might not be totally eliminated.

Cleaning and washing your bed sheets, curtains and the likes can also help get rid of bed bugs. Since they cannot survive at high temperature, make sure to put the cycle on your washing machine to the highest setting when you are drying them to ensure that no bed bugs survive.

A good amount of Diatomaceous Earth can also help get rid of bed bugs. DE is non-toxic and can be used in all parts of your house. It kills bed bugs and fleas if you have pets at home. However, make sure that the ones you purchase are made from FOOD grade and not POOL. This way it’s not dangerous to your health and can be used indoors.

If bed bugs are still invading your home after vacuuming, steaming, dry cleaning and using DE then it’s time that you call on pest control for this problem. These experts have the right materials, methods and liquid solutions to use in your bed bug infestations. They can also do the job in no time so you don’t have to worry about sleeping in your bed full of bed bugs. Make sure also to keep in mind that return visits may be needed, especially with larger bed bug infestations.