Top 5 Cat Myths

Photo by: Flickr
Photo by: Flickr

Myths about cat health are circulated in the same manner as gossip. Often there is a reason they came into being, and occasionally there may be an element of truth. However, most health related cat myths could be harmful to cats if their owners take them seriously.

1. Myth: Cats have nine lives

Cats are versatile creatures that, providing they are in good health, are graceful and often able to jump out of harms way. Their ability to avoid accidents may be the reason for the myth that they have nine lives. Far from having more than one life, cats are prone to mischief and are generally nosy by nature. Their curiosity can lead them into danger, as they like to investigate anything that may interest them. While they may escape from awkward situations now and then due to being fast movers, they only have one life, the same as everyone else.

A cat’s ability to right itself during a long falls, due to both the righting reflex, as well as a cat’s natural abilities to jump out of danger swiftly gave rise to the idea that cat’s have multiple lives. A cat can jump up to eight times higher than the length of their bodies which when coupled with being adept at climbing cats get escape most situations. A cat’s fur helps insulate the body against blows and when raised makes the body of the cat harder to hit by making the cat seem bigger than it really is. These traits give cats a remarkable ability to get out of danger and survive fights.