What Your Dog Wants: TLC and Leadership

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Among all types of pets, dogs are the most devoted to their masters. You will not find an animal that’s as dedicated to the welfare of their human companions as dogs.

In fact, a recent scientific study uncovered that a dog’s brain is biologically hardwired to please its owner. When it comes to loyalty and affection, dogs remain unmatched so it’s about time you learn what you could do to keep your pooch happy and healthy.

Owning a dog is not just a privilege; it’s a great responsibility. Before adopting a dog—or any type of pet for that matter—recognize that caring for a pet will require deep commitment on your part. You cannot just adopt a pet and then leave it in the pound when you can no longer handle it. That’s not how it works. You must treat your pet with love, care, and respect. After all, your pet will dedicate his life to making you happy! So before picking a dog or a cat, make sure the animal has room in your life and that you are responsible enough to do all your obligations.


The origin of the domestic dog came from wolves. Wolves live in packs. Members of one pack will choose a leader and that leader—the alpha male—will dedicate his life making sure his pack survives. Now take this concept to your home, your dog sees you as the alpha male and he must never be confused about who’s running the show.

Some types of dogs are incredibly aggressive when it comes to social hierarchy; they will even try to challenge their owners’ leadership. Overly aggressive pets tend to be the most problematic ones. So make sure you establish yourself as a leader but don’t be too hard about it. If your pet acts out, discipline your pet without hurting him. For particularly troublesome dogs that refuse to take directions, it might be best to check them into an obedience school.

Lots of TLC

Again, dogs are biologically wired to please their masters. In return, you should always look out for your dog’s health and welfare. Always feed your pet with food especially formulated to give him the nutrition he needs. Dogs need a lot of fresh drinking water so make sure his bowl is never out of water. Caring for your pet isn’t limited to giving him food, cleaning up after, or giving an occasional pat on the head. You have to bond with your pets.

Never leave your pet at home for extended periods. Dogs have a lot of love to give so it pays to keep several hours of your time every day to bond with him. Locking up your pet for hours each day is torture for most dogs. They will always struggle to run around, discover things, and socialize. Take him to the local park, play catch with your dog, or get him to interact with other dogs too. And when you’re at home, don’t just give him an occasional pat on the head; give full on petting sessions that takes more than a few minutes. Your dog will reward you for it with lots of love, licks, and loyalty!