Your Basic Guide on Cat Breeds

 Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Cats come in all colors, shapes, and personalities. Some personify the cool and calm demeanor of a cat, others behave like a dog! Cats make such great pets, they surpassed dogs as the most preferred pets in the US. And for good reasons. Cats are extremely low maintenance. They are ideal for both small and large homes. They are affectionate and are surprisingly easy to train. If you’re thinking of getting a cat but you can’t make up your mind about the breed, consider our list of popular cat breeds:

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is known for his beautiful silver-blue coat and piercing green eyes. The greenest eyes you’ve ever seen! But beyond the obvious good looks, Russian Blue cat has a sweet, gentle demeanor. They are very affectionate, they never fail to greet their humans at the door and they will sit quietly with their owners for hours.

The Russian blue breed originated from the Archangel Isles in Northern Russia. The cats have thick, double coat, long limbs, and short hair. They only come in one color – blue. They only have one coat length – short. The same goes for eye color, it’s always vibrant green. The Russian blue cat breed requires minimal grooming. The cat is satisfied with a pat on a head and gentle cooing.

This cat breed is not ideal for large families. Russian Blue cats are best for single individuals or couples with no children. They hate loud noises, wary of children but interact well with other pets (including dogs!)


The Persian cat breed is the most popular of all cat breeds. Persian cats have fabulous longhaired coats and flat faces. The coats come in an array of colors and patterns. Persian cats originated from Persia and Europe. Selective breeding led to a flat face. Because of the cat’s flat face, Persian cat is vulnerable to certain diseases. Also, the longhaired coat demands lots of grooming. You have to comb your Persian cat’s glorious coat every day.

Persian cats are popular because of their spunky disposition. They are playful, they love kids and they can live in a variety of homes. However, this cat breed hates being left alone. So don’t leave your Persian cat alone for long periods.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the largest of all domestic cat breeds. The breed originated in the state of Maine. Maine Coon is also the state cat of Maine! These cats are muscular, large and have a solid appearance. They are great hunters but have very gentle demeanor.

The long coat is thick enough to withstand bitter winters. Just like most cats, the Maine Coon is trained easily. They play well with other pets and they are extremely vocal. The Main Coon is the third most popular cat breed in the US.


The Siamese cat breed is easily the most recognizable of all cat breeds. The cat breed is characterized by his milky coat, dark chocolate face, paws, and tail – as well as striking blue eyes. This breed originated in Thailand once called Siam.

Siamese cats are very intelligent, but it’s a temperamental breed. Rearing a Siamese cat requires lots of patience. But your efforts will be rewarded. Siamese cats are known to form strong bonds with their humans. They are also affectionate and vocal about their feelings. In fact, Siamese cats are the most talkative cat breed.