6 Surprising Benefits of a Detox Cleanse

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Body detoxification is a type of alternative treatment that aims to eliminate “toxins” in the body. The treatment usually consists of fasting, dieting, avoiding certain food groups and colon cleansing. Generally, a body detox or body cleansing treatment is meant to improve the body’s overall health and cleanse the colon. Below are a few of the many health benefits of a body detox:

1. Cope with Stress

Unhealthy foods and beverages affect the body’s ability to cope with adrenal fatigue. A body detox reduces toxins in the body, alleviating pressure from the adrenal glands. The nutrients in detox drinks and smoothies enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. These detox drinks recharge the adrenal glands, allowing you to cope with everyday stress in the healthiest way possible.

2. Meditative Benefits

Did you know that toxic buildup in the body manifests itself as deeply rooted aches and pains? Studies show that mental stress can lead to liver disease and depression. Just like yoga or meditation, body detox has a calming effect on the mind and body. It allows you to connect with nature and promote self-healing. A regular body detox helps reduce minor and chronic aches and pain as effectively as practicing basic yoga asanas.

3. Energizes the Body

Thanks to the natural sugars of detox drinks and cleansing smoothies, you feel more energized during and after body detoxification. Toxin buildup in the intestines and gut gums up the digestive system. When this happens, the body is unable to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. Through cleansing, toxin buildup is stripped away from the digestive system, giving the body an energizing boost without the sugar crash.  The result? You feel better, lighter and more energized for longer.

4. Keeps the Organs Healthy

If you can’t quit processed and junk foods, your organs are working extra hard to digest the food you consume. This means the liver, kidneys and colon are feeling the strains of having a poor diet.

Detoxification triggers the body to purge itself. The treatment gives the colon, kidneys and the liver a boost to prevent organ breakdown. Detoxification doesn’t just rid the body of toxins, it also eliminates excess wastes and purifies the blood.

5. Boosts Weight Loss

A regular body cleansing helps boost your weight loss potentials. You can lose several pounds with just a few days’ worth of body detox. Of course, the weight loss is only temporary. But as long as you make better lifestyle choices and you continue watching what you eat, you can achieve long-term results from a body detox. Even better, the extra energy you get from detoxification could motivate you to keep moving.

6. Promotes Immunity

When the body and mind are healthy, the immune system becomes stronger. Detox drinks and smoothies inject the body with health-giving nutrients that promote immunity. For instance, certain detoxifying herbs are packed with vitamin C and phytochemicals that drain the lymphatic system. Combining regular detox with exercising also drains the lymphatic system while boosting immunity. All these can make you even more resistant from viral and bacterial infections!