An Introduction to Niacin Detoxification Process

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A niacin detox is a type of purification process that eliminate toxins in the body using niacin or vitamin B. Niacin is a type of water-soluble nutrient that has the ability to dilate the blood capillaries. And when it does, niacin promotes smoother, more efficient blood flow and improved circulation. Niacin also contains a compound called nicotinamide. This compound is ineffective in dilating the capillaries.

How Niacin Detoxification Works?

Toxins accumulate in the body. These toxins build up in the organs and in fatty tissues. Gradually, the accumulated toxins affect the organs, causing failure.

The toxins that are embedded deep within the tissues are only accessible by the capillaries. A niacin detoxification process works by combining vitamin B3 or niacin with exercise, sauna therapy and any heat-generating instrument that promotes sweating to dilate the capillaries. Essentially, the nicotinamide or nicotinic acid in niacin is used to carry out the detoxification.

Capillaries are components of the circulatory system that are so small; they can enter any part of the body. When the capillaries are dilated, they are able to transport oxygen at an efficient rate. When blood composed of dilated capillaries rushes through the toxin-clogged organs, the harmful compounds are flushed out effectively. This can be done through niacin detoxification.

When toxins are flushed out from the body, histamines are released. Histamines are a natural byproduct of eliminating toxins in the body. This is the reason why skin irritation occurs after going through a niacin detox.

Benefits of Niacin Detoxification

Reduced Cholesterol Level

Niacin detox improves blood circulation and gradually, it can bring the cholesterol down. The detox also reduces the risk of arterial disorders like stroke, aneurysm, or deep vein thrombosis.

Protects from Cardiovascular Diseases

Yes, this detox program keeps the heart and arteries healthy by promoting better circulation. When the circulatory system is in tip-top shape, the whole body has access to oxygen. Better blood circulation also keeps the heart healthy.

Prevents Diseases

Toxin buildup is one of the most common causes of chronic diseases. By flushing out toxins in the system, the body is protected from diseases.

Niacin detoxification is always conducted with exercise, massages, sauna and a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables to boost the purification process. Toxins are expelled from the skin. It’s critical to wash away the body after a purification program so the toxins are not reabsorbed by the skin.

What to Expect During a Niacin Detoxification Program

It’s an Intense Experience

The niacin detoxification is not a one-time thing. This program aims to reduce toxin buildup in the body gradually. For some, the experience can be quite intense. However, the benefits you get from a niacin detoxification are enough to make up for any struggles during the process.

Not 100% Safe

Studies show that niacin detoxification is not as safe as practitioners make them out to be. It’s always a good idea to do a lot of digging around before you commit to a treatment. In addition, make sure the detoxification is conducted by a qualified health care practitioner.