Ayurvedic Remedies for Vision Problems

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Ayurveda is a nature-based healing method that provides remedies for a wide range of illnesses, including vision problems. Vision problems are caused by a number of factors, usually strain and eye fatigue. Ayurvedic treatments help give the eyes enough time to recover and trigger repair. In today’s post, we are listing down some of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies to treat vision problems:

Caring for the Eye Muscles

To keep your eyes healthy, make a habit out of stimulating the eye muscles. Start by splashing a little cold water on your face as soon as you wake up. Then, fill your mouth with water, close your eyes and give your eyes a good splashing of water. The pressure from your water-filled mouth coupled by splashing water on the eyes helps activate the eye muscles.

Make an Eye Wash

According to Ayurvedic practitioners, you have to avoid splashing plain water directly into the eyes. Instead, you have to create a tridoishic or herbal eyewash to keep your eyes healthy. A basic tridoishic eyewash is made from triphla churna, an herbal preparation made from Indian gooseberry, Bibhitaki, and haritaki. Just soak triphla churna in water overnight. As soon as you wake up the next morning, wash your eyes with the strained liquid. Do this twice per day. The herbal eyewash helps alleviate stress of the eyes and maintain better vision.

Chandrodaya vati

Chandrodaya vati is a type of preparation used to treat several types of eye problems, such as cataract, pterygium, growth over the eyes and so on. The preparation is very potent so it should only be applied under the instruction of an Ayurvedic practitioner. Chandrodaya vati helps re-balance the vata and Kapha in the eyes, easing itchiness, redness, and unwanted growth in the eyes. The Chandrodaya vati paste is typically applied on the inner part of the eyelids.

Coriander Eyewash

Apart from using an triphla churna-based eyewash, you can also create your own coriander eyewash. Coriander is packed with important nutrients to keep the eyes healthy. The herb helps reduce redness, inflammation, swelling of the eyes, and burning sensation. As an eyewash, coriander also helps heal conjunctivitis.

Indian Sorrel Eye Drops

An eye drop made from Indian Sorrel extracts will heal eye fatigue, cataract, and other vision problems. Just collect a few drops of the Indian Sorrel juice and apply it directly on the eyes every day. Apply more if you are experiencing severe eye strain or fatigue.

Fennel and Almonds Preparation

Are you suffering from weak vision? A simple Ayurvedic preparation should help ease muscle strain of the eyes and restore clarity. In a glass of warm milk, add 7 crushed almonds, 2 teaspoon crushed fennel seeds and 1 crushed teaspoon sugar candy. Mix the milk very well and drink it before bedtime. Then, do not drink anything else after for best results.

Ghee and Liquorice

Another excellent Ayurvedic treatment for weak vision is a warm glass of milk mixed with half a teaspoon of liquorice powder, ¼-teaspoon ghee or clarified butter and a teaspoon of raw honey. Mix the tonic well and drink every day for best results.