Facts About Hypnotherapy

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Hypnotherapy is a type of alternative treatment used to create subconscious changes in a patient to develop new responses, behaviors and attitude. This treatment addresses a wide range of health and behavioral problems such as trauma, depression, addiction and so much more. The concept behind Hypnotherapy is to heighten the suggestibility and responsiveness of a patient to overcome a certain illness.

Hypnotherapy is nothing new but its effects remain heavily debated by practitioners and health experts alike. Most people are understandably skeptic at the idea of using hypnosis to treat mental problems, but Hypnotherapy has many benefits.

Proven Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Treat Addiction

One of the most important (and highly controversial) benefits of hypnotherapy is its ability to treat a wide range of addiction. According to practitioners, a person’s addiction is typically caused by genetics, upbringing, trauma, childhood experiences, and environment. Harmful habits are deeply ingrained into an addict’s mind that’s why it’s not easy to overcome certain addiction. A person can be addicted to hard drugs, food, alcohol or gambling.

Because hypnosis unravels the subconscious, a practitioner can help a patient wean himself off and overcome his addiction. Through hypnosis, a patient is guided carefully so he can regain control of his thoughts and actions.

Control Weight

One of the overlooked benefits of hypnosis is it helps obese individuals lose weight. Surprisingly, the majority of hypnotherapy patients go through treatment to lose weight!

Studies show that hypnotherapy is 30% more effective in keeping the pounds off than just dieting alone. It can motivate patients to exercise, control their food consumption and even overcome unhealthy cravings! Usually, the sessions are completed over a month’s period to lose weight successfully.

Reduce Chronic Pain

Who knew hypnosis can help relieve chronic pain effectively? Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for people suffering from gout, arthritis, migraines and even fibromyalgia. Through a combination of healthy diet, hypnotherapy and meditation, chronic pain is relieved successfully. Studies show that hypnotherapy is an effective pain management technique that provides fast, lasting results. Hypnotherapy is perfect for patients who are afflicted with joint pain but refuse to take painkillers.

Treat Mental Trauma

For some people, destructive behaviors are nothing more than plain recklessness. Sometimes the sickness that afflicts us is a direct result of mental trauma, repressed memories and abuse. The mind tries to overcome painful memories through self-destructive behaviors.

Hypnotherapy shines as a treatment for childhood traumas, abuse and repressed memories. Everything that makes you the person that you are today is a result of years of memories. And these memories leave an impression in your mental health. Through hypnotherapy, you can overcome whatever mental issues you suffer from by helping you make peace with your past.

Improves Sleep

Do you suffer from disturbed sleep, insomnia, and other sleep-related illnesses? Do you sleep walk or experience night terrors? Sleep-related disorders are notoriously hard to treat. According to health experts, these conditions are triggered by psychological factors. It will take a combination of psychological and physical treatments to treat these conditions.

Hypnotherapy is a proven safe and effective treatment for all types of sleep-related disorders including insomnia, wakeful sleep, sleepwalking and night terrors.