How to Remove Insect From Ear: First Aid

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

There are times when bugs would crawl into our ears and it cannot be avoided. If this happens to you or to someone you know, don’t panic! Instead of freaking out, what you need to do is stay calm and figure out what to do next. In this article we will talk about how you can safely remove an insect from your ear with simple steps. In case you find yourself in this situation, you might just find these steps helpful so go ahead and read what it is all about.

Steps to Take

First of all, keep calm. Panicking will not do any good and might just make the situation worse. If someone you know has insect in their ear or perhaps it is your child, make sure to remind them to stay calm. Reassurance is always a good thing and as the person who can help in the situation, you should also remain calm as you are about to remove the insect.

Next place the person in a comfortable position. Let them lean over or life on a flat surface with the ear that’s affected facing upwards and towards you.

With the use of oil (it could be baby oil, olive oil etc.) pour a few drops gently on the affected ear to prevent the insect from moving. If in case you cannot find any oil around, use clean water. This can also help. You can use a wet cotton ball with alcohol as well. By squeezing it and dropping the alcohol go through the ear. However this may be painful so make sure that you can do this as gentle as you can. The smell of alcohol will force the insect to come out but if you don’t want to do this you can try something else.

Another good option to take is by flushing the ear with warm water. With the help of a syringe (no needle) you can flush out the insect inside the ear by flushing it out with water. Make sure to do this as gentle as you can and make sure to watch out for the insect as you are flushing the ear.

If in case the insect is not removed after all attempts of getting it out, have it checked by the doctor immediately. This way you are sure that there are no damaged done to the ears. This will also tell you how far the insect has invaded the ear.

Additional information

When removing an insect from the ear, do not use cotton swabs, hair clips or tweezers. This will only push the insect deeper in the ear canal and might cause damage to the eardrum. This can also lead to permanent hearing loss, so make sure to avoid these. Make sure to seek immediate medical attention if all your attempts to remove the insect fail. This way you can be sure that no further damage is done.

As much as we take care of our ears, it cannot be avoided that insects may sometimes crawl in. After all, it is an opening. However if this happens, just make sure to remember these steps. If in case nothing happens then you know which step to take next.