Natural Remedies for Gastric Disorders

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Loud belching, smelly and frequent flatulence, as well as bloating and burping are caused by excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract. Belching and burping are caused by stomach gas that escapes from the mouth while farting or flatulence are caused by intestinal gas. Having excess gas in the gut is normal. In fact, the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse reports that most people generate as much as four pints of gas every day, which is passed about 14 times in a day! But to avoid painful gas and chronic smelly farts, these natural remedies should take care of the problem:


Lemon may be acidic but it will neutralize the gas in the stomach. This citrus fruit is traditionally used to prevent and treat indigestion, as well as relieve heartburn and belching. Lemon purifies the blood, purging toxins from the system. It also detoxifies the gastrointestinal tract, stimulating digestion to process food. To use lemon as a treatment for gastric problems, just give a warm cup of water a good squeeze of halved lemon. Drink the tonic once a day for best results.


A well-loved spice, cardamom is an excellent remedy for excessive gas, indigestion, and painful stomach! This spice soothes digestive issues while stimulating normal bowel movement. To use cardamom as a treatment for gastric problems, roast the seeds or the powder quickly and boil in hot water. Transfer a small amount of the tonic in a cup and let steep for 10 minutes. Take the tonic as tea several times every day especially if you are prone to dyspepsia or indigestion.


Ginger has been used to treat all types of gastric problems for centuries. As a spice, ginger does not just enhance the flavors of your favorite Indian or Chinese dishes, it also aids in digestion. The subtle spiciness of ginger treats indigestion and eases gas production. Taken as a tea, ginger is even more potent in relieving gastric disorders. The tea can stimulate the production of saliva, gastric juices, and bile juices. All these enzymes are critical for proper digestion. To aid in digestion and prevent gastric problems, drink ginger tea three times daily.


Garlic is a potent treatment for gastric problems. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe an upset stomach. Garlic normalizes digestion and provides relief from excessive gas. You can use garlic to treat gastric disorders as a spice or as tea. Add fresh garlic to your favorite soups and stir fry or boil a peeled clove in water. Take the garlic as a tea twice or thrice daily for best results!

Other Factors to Consider

Drink Water Before Meals

Drinking fluids during and after a meal neutralize gastric acids, so the stomach cannot digest food very well. If you suffer from chronic gastric problems, do not drink water during and after a meal. Instead, drink 30 minutes before you eat to allow the gastric juices to process food better.

Chew Food Slowly

Another way to avoid gastric problems is to chew your food slowly. When you stuff your face too fast, you swallow a lot of air. This causes excessive gas in the stomach and intestines. So enjoy your meal and chew slowly so you do not swallow air while you eat.

Avoid Certain Foods

Certain types of foods increase the likelihood of gastric problems. These foods include fibrous fruits (apples, pears), vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and onions), whole grains and dairy products. Foods with artificial sweeteners (sorbitol, sucralose, saccharine, and aspartame) are known to trigger gastric problems too.