Simple Ways to Eliminate Allergens in the Air

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Spring is upon us and that means dealing with seasonal allergies. The good news is, there’s more to treating allergies than taking anti-histamines. These practical tips will help you eliminate allergens in the air, stopping allergies before they start:

Use Organic, Non-Toxic Bedding

Studies show that allergens are concentrated on the bedroom, particularly in beddings and pillowcases. If you are serious about stopping allergies before they start, we recommend investing in high quality, hypoallergenic covers for mattresses, pillows, and box springs. Organic, non-toxic beddings are resistant to allergens. Washing the sheets with hot water every once a week eliminates allergen build-up on beddings and kill dust mites too.

Using High Quality, Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Investing on non-toxic, high-quality cleaning products also reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. Chemicals and fumes from average cleaning products can trigger an allergic reaction. The fumes released in the air could also lead to an allergy attack. Go for safer cleaning products that do not produce noxious fumes and chemicals.

Clean Your Home Regularly

When it comes to eliminating allergens in the air, nothing beats regular home cleaning. Cleaning the home regularly eliminates pollen and mites in the air. So vacuum away, wipe all the dirt from every nook and cranny in the home. Dirty carpets can turn into a cesspool of allergen and bacteria so clean those regularly. Get rid of clutter that attracts dust in the home. If you can, invest in an air purification system that features an ultraviolet and negative ion filter. These features will filter the air, eliminate allergens, and leave the home bacteria-free too! We highly recommend sticking to a regular cleaning schedule. This way, your home remains allergen-free.

Eliminate Allergens in Clothing

It is not enough to wash your clothing regularly. If you spent a chunk of your time outdoors, remove your clothing and wash it once you are inside the home. Your clothes trap pollen from the outside. When you go inside, the pollen from your clothes are released back into your house.

To keep dust away, implement a no-shoe policy in the home. This means you don’t bring the shoes you wore outside into your home. Leave the shoes at the door over a doormat. Encourage visitors to do the same too. The doormat will trap the allergens so they are not released into the indoor air. Apart from washing your clothes right away, take a shower before bed to eliminate pollen stuck in your hair.

Better Cleaning Equipment

If your rickety old vacuum is no longer working as efficiently, then it is time to invest in a more powerful cleaning tool. One that can suck all the allergens in the home effectively. If you are shopping for a new vacuum, go for one that features an HEPA filter. An HEPA filter effectively traps most types of allergens including dust, pollen, mold, etc.

Do not Use Heavy Drapes

Any type of textile with multiple folds and pleats can trap dust and other allergens. Instead of using heavy drapes and curtains that cause allergies, use blinds or shutters. These window attachments are easier to clean, practical, and will not trap allergens.