Why Should You Take Routine Check Ups?

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

A routine checkup is a common type of preventive medicine to monitor the health and well-being of a patient on a regular basis. This checkup is usually conducted every year or less frequently. About two-thirds of patients and physicians believe that adults should have themselves checked every year. Unfortunately, not a lot of adults are actually being checked at the recommended frequency. In today’s post, we are giving you reasons to keep that appointment and have an annual exam:

Routine Screenings

Most diseases – including diabetes, cancer and heart disease – could be treatable if detected early. Routine screenings help detect chronic diseases at their earliest stages, increasing the chances of beating these diseases. Through routine screening, you will learn what types of immunizations are recommended for your age. These shots reduce the risk of certain diseases including shingles, cervix cancer, and so on.

Protection from Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases

An annual checkup includes monitoring the blood pressure, resting heart rate as well as measuring the weight and height. These health measurements are meant to set a baseline to see how your body changed with every passing year. An annual checkup is an effective way to address weight issues and detect cardiovascular diseases. For instance, a slow pulse could be a sign of heart problems. A significant weight gain could be a sign of a health problem.


An annual checkup is a great opportunity to receive counseling from your physician. Your doctor can provide advice on various health issues including weight management, smoking cessation, and lifestyle choices to avoid diseases. In addition, a routine checkup is an excellent time to ask your doctor any health concerns that you might have.

Clinical Data Update

An updated clinical data is important because your medical records will assist doctors in treating you in case you come across an accident or have a serious condition. Some people are at a higher risk of developing a certain disease more than others. Accurate medical records can also help your physician detect a certain disease’s pattern. It helps if you let your doctor know if an immediate family member becomes seriously ill or if there have been deaths in your family from a specific condition.

Peace of Mind

People who do not go through annual checkups have no idea what are the current state of their physical and mental health. By keeping your yearly appointment, you have peace of mind knowing that you are healthy or that your doctors are controlling whatever ails you.

Prompt Treatment

If say, your doctor detected the onset of a certain disease; your physician can develop the best treatment to solve any health issue. Your doctor will provide all the information you need to start treatment and also, to prevent the same condition from developing again in the future.

Reduce Health Care Costs

Most people do not keep their appointment because of the doctor’s bill. But neglecting your health will cost you more in the future. Checkup allows for early detection of diseases to reduce more serious health problems. You are also less likely to receive intensive medical care if the disease is detected in its early stages.