All About Amazing Grass’ Green Superfood: Overview, Ingredients, and Pros and Cons

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Green Superfood is a line of diet supplements developed in 2002 by the Amazing Grass Brand. The product aims to improve health, well-being, and nutrition through a series of blended powder mixed and consumed in water, juice or any other beverage.

The philosophy of the brand is based on grouping foods to achieve optimal benefits: functional foods consumed in their natural state and dysfunctional foods that are processed, refined, or sugared. If a certain food comes in a box, a bag or a can, then it’s not good for you. On the other hand, raw, organic foods are recommended to achieve optimal health.

Green Superfood Types and Ingredients

Amazing Grass’ Green Superfood comes in two forms: powdered or capsule. According to the Amazing Grass website, a single serving of Green Superfood contain nutrients equivalent to seven fruits and vegetables. The green superfood is made from a combination of fruits, herbs, acai berries, wheatgrass, maca as well as prebiotics and probiotics. Digestive enzymes are also added into the mix to improve digestion. Wheatgrass helps flush out toxins and rebalance the body’s pH.

The Green Superfood powders come in different flavors: berry, chocolate, and orange. Some varieties are designed to boost energy while others come in multivitamin form. Green Superfood yields about 23 to 30 calories, 4 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, and 2 grams of protein.

Benefits of Green Superfood

Improved Nutrition

Amazing Grass’ Green Superfood is perfect for people who dislike eating their greens but want to stay healthy. The product can be mixed with your favorite drinks. Taking the Green Superfood in capsule form is even easier than taking it in powdered form. Again, a serving of Green Superfood is packed with all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. If you are not a vegetable eater, this is an excellent way to get all the nutrients you need from veggies without actually eating veggies.

Weight Loss

Yes, Green Superfood may help you lose weight. The powdered product is fairly filling. It will fill you up nicely so you will not feel as hungry as the day progresses. The entire Green Superfood line features a variety of powdered mixes that are low in calories. By incorporating these products into your weight loss plan, you could lose a pound or two. That said, this product is not designed to boost weight loss. It’s simply meant to augment your diet for optimum health.

Drawbacks of Green Superfood

No Disclosure on Complete Ingredients

Although the company claims that the Green Superfood line is made from healthy ingredients, the company falls short of providing complete information on the number of nutrients you get from the product.

Green Taste

This product is not the best one to try if you are trying green drinks for the first time. Green Superfood has a distinct taste that some users might not like.

Serving Suggestions

According to the Amazing Grass website, a scoop of Green Superfood should be mixed with 8 ounces of water, juice, or smoothie. To decrease calories even further, mix the powder with water. You can also add a scoop of Green Superfood to plain yogurt, non-fat milk, or oatmeal to add flavor. Finally, you can also mix Green Superfood to fresh fruits for a nutrient-dense snack.