Best European Candy and Chocolate Brands

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

We all love our Hershey’s kisses, Reeses, and snicker bars, but there are loads of European candy brands that offer a scrumptious selection of sweets! In today’s post, we are listing down some of the best European candy companies and products to try:

1. Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport is a popular German chocolate brand that offers a long list of sophisticated chocolate bar flavors. In fact, the company boasts of 28 different varieties of chocolates including Black forest, Poire Williams, Alpenmilch, and Birne Trüffel. Instead of a single chocolate bar, each variant is packed individually and then mixed with other chocolate varieties. Ritter Sport is the perfect choice for chocolate lovers who want to explore different variations of chocolate.

2. Moser-Roth

Moser-Roth is a German chocolate company that produces the Aldi chocolate brand. This chocolatier is one of the oldest in Germany. Moser-Roth was founded in 1841 by pastry chef, Wilhelm Roth Jr. in Stuttgart. The Aldi brand is one of the largest chocolate companies in Europe and boasts of various sweets including baked goods, drinks and yes, chocolate bars of all kinds.

3. Daim

Pronounced as “dime,” Daim is an almond butter chocolate bar created by Swedish chocolate brand, Mondelēz International. The chocolate bar is characterized for its super crunchy toffee center hugged by smooth, sweet chocolate. Although Daim has been produced in the UK and the US, the European version is deemed better because the quality of the chocolate is different.

4. Kinder Eggs

Kinder eggs are popular candies made by Italian chocolatier, Ferrero. What makes Kinder eggs unique is that each one comes with a small toy all wrapped up in delicious milk chocolate. The candies are geared towards children and make a great gift! However, Kinder eggs are banned from import in the US because the toys are deemed as a choking hazard.

5. Fazer Tyrkisk Peber

Fazer Tyrkisk Peber is a liquorice hard candy developed in Denmark in 1977. At the moment, the candy is produced by Finnish candy brand, Frazer. The Fazer Tyrkisk Peber has a rather unusual taste. It is similar to a salty salmiak (Turkish pepper) but with tongue-numbing effects.

6. Haribo

Harib is another German candy company that offers an array of gummy candies including the quintessential gummy bear! In fact, Haribo is the original maker of the gummy bear so if you want to know how the original tastes like, you know what brand to get.

Hans Riegel founded Haribo in Bonn. The company is popular for its rather unusual selection of sweet treats.

7. Nidar Krembanan

Nidar Krembanan is a banana-chocolate candy bar made by Nidar, a Norway-based confection company in Trondheim. The candy bar comes in a shape of, you guessed it, a banana. It has a banana cream filled center and sweet milk chocolate. The design and recipe of Nidar Krembanan remained unchanged since it was launched in 1957. In fact, all Nidar Krembanan bars are still made from the same machine used in the 50s! Nidar Krembanan remains as one of the Nidar’s best-selling chocolate products.