Ideal Healthy Habits for a Fit, Healthy Physique

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A fit, healthy body is surprisingly easy to achieve. You do not have to stick to a special diet or spend hours at the gym to look and feel good! In today’s post, we are listing down all the shockingly simple yet effective habits to stick to if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle:

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and for good reasons! Apart from rev starting the body’s metabolic rate, a balanced breakfast also minimizes the chances of mindless grazing. A healthy breakfast keeps you full enough to get on with your day sans intense cravings or hunger pangs.

So what types of foods should you eat for breakfast? You want your plate to have a balanced portion of lean protein, fresh veggies, and fruits, as well as unprocessed grains. This hearty meal will keep you fuller for longer!

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Apart from eating breakfasts daily, you want to wash all that healthy food down with lots of water! Fluids help flush out toxins from the system. Proper hydration also lubricates the tissues and organs. You lose body fluids every time you sweat so it is critical to replace all the lost fluids with more fluids. Our advice is to drink at least 8 servings of 8 ounces plain water daily. Drink more if you work out regularly. You can also mix up your drinks by taking teas, freshly juiced fruits as well as eating fruits and veggies with high water content.

Exercise Daily

Exercising regularly helps cut the risk of chronic diseases, including obesity and heart disease. You don’t have to get a pricey gym membership to stay fit! You can always workout at home or on your way to the office. Making small changes in your lifestyle could also boost fitness. For instance, instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. Make a habit out of cleaning once a week (during the weekends) to burn off calories and break a sweat! Really, so many activities you can do that’ll guarantee continuous movement.

Cutting Back on Processed Foods

Processed foods – even low fat, low sodium ones – are not as healthy as whole foods. If you can, nix all the processed foods from your pantry and start eating fresh. Canned foods, processed meats, and refined grains are processed to a point that all nutrients are lost. You are practically eating junk. Worse, most processed foods contain synthetic flavorings and preservatives that are harmful to the health. To keep the body healthy, start eating clean. Avoid all processed foods and replace them with fresh, organic ones.

Cooking Healthy

Apart from cutting back on unhealthy foods, you want to change the way you cook food too. For instance, if you eat fried foods all the time, switch it up to grilled, broiled, or steamed meals. Try to use as little seasoning (MSG, soy sauce, butter, oil) as possible and explore various herbs and spices instead.

In addition, stop with the take-outs! Do your own cooking and prepare your own meals. Prepping your own meals guarantee fresh, local ingredients that are nutritious and delicious.