The Benefits of a Wood-Burning Grill

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

According to health experts, grilling foods over an open fire is one of the healthiest cooking methods. Grilling also imparts smokiness to meats, fish and vegetables, improving the flavor safely. And let’s face it, grilling is a must especially when you have friends over!

Operating a grill isn’t taxing nor complex. As long as you have a fire going, then you can start grilling. An outdoor wood-burning grill is a worthy investment especially if you love hosting parties or dinners with friends and loved ones. In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why you should consider getting a wood-burning grill:

Juicy, Flavorful Food

Meats, fish and vegetables cooked over a burning wood just taste better than unhealthy frying. A wood-burning grill doesn’t just add smokiness to the food, it also enhances the natural flavors. The steady heat cooks the meat and poultry to perfection without burning. The result? Scrumptious, juicy grilled meats and perfectly cooked fish and vegetables.

You can even use different types of wood for burning to achieve a certain flavor. Expert grillers swear by almond or apple wood when cooking steaks. Almond and apple wood adds nuttiness to the meat. Maple and hickory complements all types of meats, imparting a strong aroma and richer flavor.

Zero Chemicals

You don’t have to add various seasonings or other food additives to whip up an amazing feast. All you need is a wood-burning grill and a dash of salt and pepper! Minimal seasoning means healthier foods. If you’re watching your sodium intake, you can experiment with different herbs, spices and fruit extracts to flavor meats, fish and poultry for grilling!

Boosts Nutrient Content

Did you know that grilling helps boost the food’s nutrient content? For instance, grilled vegetables contain more nutrients than boiled or sautéed vegetables. Meats retain more riboflavin and thiamine when grilled than fried or broiled. Because the cooking time is relatively short, grilled foods aren’t just flavor, they are also more nutrient-dense.

Less Fat

Grilled foods are less fatty as opposed to fried, broiled or boiled foods. The high heat cooks the meat to perfection, allowing fat to drip down so it doesn’t end up on your food. You can keep grilled foods even healthier by not using ghee, butter or vegetable oil.

Safer, Cleaner Foods

Grilling helps eliminate microbes that may otherwise cause sickness such as E.coli or salmonella. The same high heat that renders the meat juicy and tender inside and out also incinerates germs that may be present on or in the meat. When the food is cooked, you’re sure that it’s not only delicious but also clean too!

Fun, Rewarding Experience

Wood burning grill is often a mainstay in outdoor parties, special dinners and even holidays. Wouldn’t it be great to bond over sumptuous food while watching a game or hosting a special event with friends?

Generally, using wood-burning grill is a great way to touch base with friends, serve good food and have fun. The entire experience is not only rewarding, it will help create priceless memories too!