How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Pet

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

When it comes to toys, there could be thousands of types, sizes, and designs to choose from. However, not all toys are suitable for your pet. Each pet is unique. The right toys to choose should suit the personality of your pet. To guide you to finding the best toys for your canine or feline pet, consider these tips:

Age Appropriate

The age of the pet will affect his or her choices of toys to enjoy. For instance, a puppy or kitten loves to chew so chew toys make age-appropriate toys. Juvenile dogs or cats love to run around so durable toys that stimulate running and exploration make the best toys. Adult dogs and cats are not as active as they used to so go for rubber or soft toys they can play with while lounging around.

The Size

Size matters especially when choosing a great pet toy. If the toy is too big, a small pet will not be tempted to play with it. Consequently, a too-small toy is not ideal for large pets. The toy could be a choking hazard too. If you are getting your cat or dog a ball, make sure it is large enough to carry and not too small that it can be swallowed or lodged in your pet’s throat!


Pets have different play style. Some like chasing and being chased around, others like to tug at things, or snuggle close. The right pet toys to get will depend on the personality of your pet. If your pet loves to play outside, then choose toys that are durable, possibly waterproof. There’s no point to getting a football for your pet to play with if he or she does not like going outside. For indoor pets, go for smaller toys that will keep your pet entertained.


What is the lifestyle of your pet? Does your dog or cat love playing interactive toys with you? Does the pet prefer chasing after Frisbees or play tug of war? If the pet prefers playing interactive toys, choose toys that will stimulate the animal mentally. If the pet prefers more physical games, fetch toys, tug-o-war toys, and rubber toys are a great choice. For pets that prefer indoors or less interactive games, go for soft toys, puzzles, and chew toys to stave off boredom.


Not all pet toys are created equal. Some are more expensive than others. Very cheap dog toys could be made from subpar materials that leach chemicals when chewed or touched. That’s why you need to choose high-quality toys for your beloved pets.

It is equally important to supervise your pet’s playtime. Some dogs or cats can get too excited while playing. The aftermath of an unsupervised playtime could be anything from injuries to ripped furniture, ripped toys, and smashed vases! Worse, the pet could swallow the toy!

Chew toys must never mix with interactive toys so do not put these toys together in one room. Your pet could confuse one for the other and destroy his toys. If your dog or cat is starting to rip a toy apart, take it from the pet and replace it with a chew toy. Always correct the behavior of your pet so it does not engage in destructive behaviors.