How to Prevent Dog Diseases Without Vaccination

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Although vaccination is the best way to keep your beloved pets healthy, you can stave off diseases without it. The first step towards preventing diseases is to establish a healthy immune system. If your pooch has a strong immune system, he is resistant to most pathogens.

The good news is, there are holistic ways to prevent diseases! In today’s post, we are listing down ways to keep your pooch disease-free using 100% all-natural solutions:

Promoting Immunity

Puppies are born with an active immune system. They become resistant to common pathogens by ingesting their mother’s milk. So the first thing you need to do is to get your puppies to drink their mother’s milk to prevent diseases. By the time the pup has weaned itself off milk (usually with the help of the mother), his immune system is not only fully-developed but also active. His immune system makes the dog resistant to all types of common diseases including deadly parvo and enteritis. As long as you keep your dog’s immunity strong, he or she will remain healthy without vaccines.

Proper Diet

There’s no doubt about it, what you put in your pet’s food bowl will affect his overall health! Low-quality pet food is also low in essential nutrients your pet needs to fight common diseases. High-quality pet food contains a balanced level of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients to promote better health. So always choose wisely, in terms of pet food. It helps if you can whip up dog-friendly dishes every now and then. You can always search online for dog food recipes.

Improving Living Conditions

Just like diet, the living conditions of your pet are extremely important to ward off diseases. The dog should be free to wander, sniff around and explore his surroundings. He must have access to clean drinking water and nutritious food. He must have a warm spot to sleep. Give your dog a lot of time to roam around the yard but make each session supervised. For cats, they need access to the sun, lots of clean water and toys to keep the mind stimulated.

Boost Mental Health

Dogs are pack animals. If they are left alone on their own, they become depressed and destructive. If the animal’s mental health suffers, his immune system weakens. This makes him prone to diseases. To keep your dog happy, give it lots of love! Go out for walks, cuddle with your pooch and spend as much time as you can with your pet.

Better Health Care

Here’s a fact, most medications do not address the root cause of the disease, they only mask the symptoms. Most drugs are toxic to the liver and affect the animal’s DNA. This could lead to more health problems in the future. Instead of having your pet endure shots after shots of drugs, ask the vet ways to improve your dog’s health without using medicine. Understand your pet’s needs rather than yours. Use natural health care products to inhibit diseases from worsening. All these steps can help improve a pet’s health!