Humane Ways to Control Bird Population

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Birds are some of the most well-adjusted critters in nature. These creatures thrive in the jungle and cities alike. Unfortunately, some bird species can be destructive to crops and properties. This is the reason why bird population control is important.

There are two ways to reduce the bird population: humane methods and killing. Although killing the birds are an efficient way to control the population, we do not recommend this method at all. For one thing, killing any type of animal – particularly harmless birds – is just plain cruel. When it comes to basic needs, birds and human beings are strikingly similar. These animals just want a safe place to raise their young.

Wantonly shooting down birds leads to an endless cycle of killing. Using poison to kill the birds is not only traumatizing the species but also cause accidental poisoning among kids and beloved pets. Trapping birds typically lead to killing too. Unnecessary killing should be stopped because it’s not only cruel, it does not produce results.

The best way to control the bird population is through humane methods. And in today’s post, we are listing down ways to control the bird population without killing these harmless critters:

Cut Off the Feeding

One of the reasons why birds choose to stay at a particular spot is that it is near water, food or both. To stop the birds from making a home out of your property, start cutting off their water or food supply. Avoid attracting birds and other pests by cleaning up food scraps and removing crumbs. You want to reduce their food and water supply over the course of several weeks. This way, the flock will disperse on their own around the same time. Always seal your garbage bins to keep the birds from rummaging through the trash.

Discouraging Roosting and Nesting

Birds prefer flat surfaces for nesting and roosting. If you remove flat surfaces in your property, the birds will look somewhere else to cozy up. You can go to your local hardware store and look for devices that can alter a flat surface to reduce the likelihood of unwanted roosting. These devices can make certain spaces inaccessible or provide a barrier against nesting birds. You can also install bird wires on ledges, awnings, rooftops and railings to keep the birds from roosting.

Netting also helps keep birds off larger areas of spaces such as barn house, trees or entire buildings. Do not use polybutylene gel to keep the birds out. This compound will harm birds of all kinds and any animal it comes in contact with. The gel also sticks to the birds’ feathers, affecting their ability to fly and stay waterproof.

Scare Devices

Birds are visual creatures. They actively stay away from animals that prey on them. You can use scare devices to discourage birds from making your home their home as well.

You can install terror eyes, which are round scare devices that mimic the eyes of menacing predators. These devices are perfect for small gardens and spaces. To scare off small birds like woodpeckers and sparrows, you can use Irri-tape. Irri-tape is a flexible material that will discourage birds from nesting in trees, buildings or gardens.

You can also use a plastic prowler owl to scare off birds and other animals. Make sure the plastic owl you get moves with the wind and look realistic to achieve the desired results. Remember, some birds (and small animals) are very smart. If the plastic owl does not look convincingly real or it does not move at all, they know it’s a fake. A scarecrow also works the same way as a plastic owl. Get a motion-activated one to eliminate nuisance wildlife.