Rabbit Hutch Buying Guide: Types, Features and Factors to Consider

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A rabbit hutch is a housing unit made specifically for pet rabbits. Unlike average cages, rabbit hutches feature different areas for eating, sleeping and socializing. These housing units keep your beloved pet warm and protected from the elements. Think of rabbit hutches as condos for bunnies!

Rabbit hutches come in a wide range of sizes and features. The larger the hutch, the more expensive it is. To help you fine-tune your search, we are listing down helpful tips and a rabbit hutch buying guide:

Indoor And Outdoor Hutches

Indoor Hutch

An indoor hutch is a wooden hutch made specifically for a variety of indoor rabbits such as dwarf rabbits. This hutch is more compact than an outdoor hutch so it takes less space and is more portable.

Outdoor hutch

This hutch is the most common style of all hutches. The hutch features a run area for rabbits to play and stretch as well as a sleeping area. It’s larger than an indoor hutch, giving the animals more room to grow.

Rabbit Hutch Styles and Features

Single Hutch

This is a single-level hutch fitted with two compartments. The compartments are comprised of a dark and covered sleeping section and another made of open wire for eating or stretching.

Double Hutch

A double hutch features a two-tiered rabbit housing that can be used for two rabbits or more. The hutch may also come with internal ladders to allow the rabbits to go travel from the first level to the second level and vice versa.

Triple Hutch

The gold standard in rabbit hutches, the triple hutch features 3-tiered hutches designed for three rabbits and more. The hutch features a large expanse of space for your pets to play, sleep, stretch and socialize.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Rabbit Hutch

The Materials

One of the first things you need to consider before getting a bunny hutch is the material used. Most hutches are made from a combination of wood, chicken wire, and metals to screw the materials together. Some hutches are made from plastic or metal materials. Of all hutch types, those made from a combination of wood, wire mesh, and metal screws are the sturdiest.

The Size

The size of the hutch will depend on the size of the animal, how many rabbits to keep in one containment and size of the installation site. The general rule of thumb is, the larger the hutch, the happier the rabbits are. If the installation site is outdoors, then it makes sense to get a larger hutch. Indoor hutches come in smaller sizes and are only fit for smaller species of rabbits.

Finally, the number of animals you will keep in one hutch is also a great way to gauge the size of the hutch to get. Several giant rabbits need a large space to roam around while a couple of dwarf rabbits will fit a modest-sized indoor hutch.


Will you segregate the rabbits according to the sex? There are times when male rabbits must be kept apart from female rabbits. If this is the case, you’ll need a hutch that allows for segregation. If you plan to breed the animal, the males and females must be kept together in one hutch, at least for a short duration of time.

Your Budget

Hutches can be quite pricey especially larger, tiered ones. You can either buy a new hutch or get a secondhand hutch.


The hutch must be completely secure especially if the animals are kept outside. You don’t want predatory animals preying on your beloved pets. The openings must be secure while the wire mesh is durable.