Reasons Why Free Standing Kennel Boxes Make Ideal Pet Carriers

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Freestanding kennels are roomy carriers ideal for puppies and adult dogs alike. Usually, the kennels are made of sturdy plastic or metal that could withstand extreme weather conditions. Apart from being durable, these kennels are designed for comfort. Freestanding kennels are ideal for indoor or outdoor use! In today’s post, we are listing down reasons why freestanding kennels make the best pet carriers for your furry friends!

Generous Space

Unlike a small, portable kennel, a freestanding kennel provides comfortable, roomy space for sleeping, feeding, and playing. Because the kennel boxes are designed with comfort in mind, your furry friends have their own space to play, and relax. The kennel also provides a safe sanctuary for older dogs that need as many naps as they can get away with every day! You can simply add a cozy bedding to make your pooch feel right at home.

An average-sized freestanding kennel should fit two dogs comfortably. Customized kennels could fit more dogs.


It’s no secret that freestanding kennels are sturdier than your average kennels. Freestanding kennels are made with durable materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and polypropylene plastic. Each of these materials guarantees durability. They can be cleaned easily and could withstand extreme weather conditions. The galvanized steel freestanding kennels are made with hardwearing metal, hinges plus locks to boost security. The kennels feature adjustable steel vents to control airflow.

On the other hand, aluminum and polypropylene plastic freestanding kennels are lightweight, durable, and secure too. This means you can carry the kennels with relative ease. The materials used to make freestanding kennels are not only sturdy and virtually life proof; they are also rust and corrosion resistant.  The doors and hinges are made of solid metal that even the bitterest of cold won’t corrode the material.

Excellent Insulation

Most freestanding kennel boxes have special divisions for beddings and other miscellaneous items. This space can be used as an insulator. It can keep the external cold out, keeping your pets cozy and comfortable! The kennels also feature side doors that are wide enough for easy entry and departure. Some types of kennels have dividers to maximize space. Freestanding kennel boxes also feature removable panels that you can adjust according to the season.

For instance, you can remove the panels during the summer season to boost air circulation and let the sun stream in. During the colder climate, you can use the panel to insulate the space by pulling the panel’s shaft close.

Safe and Secure

Freestanding kennels, especially those made from galvanized steel and aluminum, are built to ensure security. The material is chew resistant so your pets won’t be able to escape. The hinges are well made so the door is hard to break. The boxes also feature a solid steel T-handle lock. This lock is the most secure lock of its kind in the market. Apart from being resistant to rust and corrosion, the lock is impervious to sudden blows. It adds to the many safety features of the freestanding kennel to keep your dog secure.