Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Pooch to a Daycare

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A doggy day care is a facility that takes care of a dog or puppy (or other pets) while the pet owner is away. Pet owners or pet enthusiasts who know how to care for various dog breeds typically own or manage these facilities. If you’ve always wondered what advantages you get from these facilities, we have outlined the benefits of a doggy day care for you:

Interaction with Other Dogs

Dogs are very sociable animals. They enjoy interacting with different dogs because of the hierarchy of the packs in both the wild and domestic environment. Taking your dog to a doggy daycare is one way to give your pooch more chances to socialize!

Socializing with other dogs minimizes negative behavior in pets. Doggy day care provides training to reduce chewing, excessive barking, and other disruptive behaviors in dogs. Pets are taught how to socialize with other pets in a controlled environment. This way, you know your pooch is having a good time even when you are away!

Boosts Exercise

Proper exercise is important to dogs. They need a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. Lack of exercise is one of the reasons why most pooch engages in disruptive behaviors. Unlike human beings, dogs get bored easily. If they are not getting enough attention, they will ask for it aggressively. That includes chewing on your new shoes or barking constantly to wake you up (and the neighbors!).

If you have very little time to take your dog out for a walk or play with your pet, take him to a doggy daycare. These facilities are run by people who will engage your pet to play and exercise. The kennels also feature obstacle courses, toys, and other amenities that will engage your pets mentally and physically. Most doggy day care centers also hire professional sitters and walkers who will care for your precious pooch to keep him in shape.

Proper Diet

Just like exercising, proper diet is an important aspect to keep your pet healthy. You want to make sure your pet is eating high-quality foods customized according to your dog’s needs. A doggy day care will not provide the pet food while keeping your dog; you will provide the dog food. This presents a lot of benefits. For one thing, this is a great way to ensure that your pet is sticking to his or her diet even while you are gone. The pet sitter will also feed your pet in a timely manner. Of course, you need to talk to the pet sitter first to let him or her know about specific feeding instructions. Label the pet food clearly before giving them to the sitter.

No Mess, No Cleanup

Ever dread coming home to your pet after being away for too long? We don’t recommend leaving your dog on its own for more than 8 hours. Dogs need to go out to pee or get a little fresh air. They should not be confined to a small space on their own without supervision.

By taking your dog to a kennel, there are no messes to clean and no worries about destroyed home items while you were gone. When you have someone to look after your pet, you can enjoy a little time off for yourself.