Signs that Squirrels Have Invaded Your Home

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

They make be cute but trust us, squirrels are best left outside in their natural habitat. These rodents can do a lot of damage once they have invaded your home. But how do you know when squirrels started making your home their new home too? Below are the telltale signs that your home is infested with squirrels:


Squirrels make distinct squeaks that are hard to miss. They are larger than rats and mice so the squeaks are fairly audible. You are also bound to hear scampering from the attic. Because these rodents are active during the day, you are bound to hear the squeaking early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Foul Stench

You know you have unwanted guests in the attic when you hear strange noises followed by a weird stench. Over time, the odor of squirrel urine will spread in the home. If foul odors are emanating from a certain part of your home, you can bet it is infested with squirrels (or rats). In some cases, you will find that the source of the foul odor is a dead squirrel.


If you suspect that your own is being invaded by squirrels, check for tracks. You can use a piece of cardboard sprinkled with a little flour. Place the cardboard on places where you think the squirrels are nesting. The little critters are bound to run across the cardboard, leaving tracks thanks to the flour. Squirrels bound when they run. Their rear paws come up ahead of their front paws, leaving distinct tracks.

Nesting Material

Are you starting to see random nesting materials laid on hidden parts of the attic? If you are seeing bits of leaves, vines, moss, twigs, and shredded bits of insulation, there is a good chance that your home has become the nesting ground of squirrels.


An obvious sign of rodent problem is droppings or poop in hidden points of the home. Squirrel droppings are oval in shape with rounded ends. The size similar to that of a raisin. Fresh squirrel droppings are usually dark brown in color and older droppings lighten over time. If you are seeing squirrel droppings, check the poop color. If the droppings are darker, it means you have a current squirrel issue on your hands.

Entry Points

Squirrels love to chew and they will chew their way into any openings. These rodents will easily gnaw into your home, creating small holes. Squirrels are skilled climbers so the entry points are typically higher up on the roof or chimneys.

Call for Professional Help

If say, you are still unsure if you have a squirrel problem on your hands; it is time to ask help from a professional pest control service. Pest control experts will come into your home, check for signs of a squirrel problem, and lay out a removal plan.

In case you do have a squirrel problem, always stick to humane pest control methods. Hurting the squirrels will not prevent other rodents from coming into your home. Instead of killing squirrels, develop better ways make your home less attractive to pests.