The Benefits of a Designer Collar for Your Pets

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

A pet collar is a functional accessory placed around an animal’s neck for aesthetic and security purposes. Pet collars are recommended to overly excited pets or aggressive pets that need to be controlled. In today’s post, we are listing down the advantages of using designer collars for your dogs or cats:

Customizes Design

Designer collars come in a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns to choose from. These collars come in various designs including bandanas, shirts, and hats. Customized designer collars are stylish but they have functional features too. When the design of the collar is unique, it is much easier to identify your pet. Having a designer collar also boosts security when taking your pet out for a walk. Personalized pet collars can be customized with studs, rhinestones, flashy fabrics, and other cool patterns that make identification a breeze.

Engraving Features

Getting the dog collar engraved is another useful feature that generic pet collars do not have. Through engraving, you can leave your contact details so the pet has your information at all times. In case the pet gets lost, the pound or animal shelter can quickly notify you once they found your dog. Thousands of found pets with proper identification are saved from being put down every year.

When engraving the pet collar, add the name of the pet, your name and contact number. Some types of pet collars have enough space for a complete address. Just make sure the details on the collar are concise and can be read clearly.

Value for Your Money

You’d be surprised that there is very little difference in terms of prices between a regular and a designer pet collar. You can easily get a regular pet collar in your local pet store or vet offices. Some grooming stores and online stores also offer regular and designer pet collars.

The only difference between a regular pet collar and a designer collar is the quality and construction of the product. Designer collars are superior in quality because the materials used are handpicked for sturdiness. This is not to say that regular collars are not durable. However, cheaper collars tend to perform poorly compared to designer collars.


As long as the pet collar is sturdy, it will improve the safety and security of your pet, designer or otherwise. A heavy duty pet collar gives you more control over your pet, in case you come across hostile dogs or if your pooch tends to get overly excited. A personalized pet collar works as identification tool in case you struggle finding your pet. Identification is a common issue among very popular breeds. Dogs without collars could be mistaken for strays.  The last thing you want is to lose your dog with no identification at all.


You can get customized and designer pet collars online. Most vendors set up shop online so the products are accessible to all people, even those who have no time for shopping! The collars come in different designs and sizes so it is easy to get one that fits your pet perfectly.