The Benefits of Chicken Coop with Runs

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Happy chickens lay healthy eggs. If you are raising chickens, you want to make sure the living conditions of the animals are clean and free from harmful bacteria that could affect the quality of the meat and eggs. Cramped metal cages are no place to raise chickens.

Adding coops and runs are effective in protecting the eggs from microbes and viruses. Let the chickens run freely and eat high-quality foods to get the hens to lay more eggs. In today’s post, we are listing down all the reasons why you should invest on chicken coops with runs:

Healthy Hens

Farmed chickens are often kept in confined areas and fed unnatural diet filled with hormones and antibiotics. These chemicals are used to ward off diseases. Unfortunately, hormones and antibiotics end up on your plate. Compared to cramped cages ridden with dirt and waste, coops with runs allow the chickens to lay eggs comfortably and roam around. Chickens raised organically are healthier because they are fed high-quality food and are free to roam around. Free-range hens are also fitter because they get a lot of exercise!

Tastier, Nutrient-Rich Eggs

Because organically raised hens are not fed with chemicals, the eggs retain their nutritional value compared to eggs produced by farmed chickens. In fact, organic eggs contain 25% more vitamin E, a third more vitamin A and at least 75% more beta-carotene than non-organic eggs. In addition, organic eggs contain more omega-3 fatty acids than factory farmed eggs.

Apart from being more nutritious, organic eggs are also tastier than farmed eggs. Non-organic eggs tend to have weaker, more porous shells that are prone to breakage. When air enters into the porous eggshell, the nutritional value, taste and consistency of the egg is affected. Eggs from organically raised hens have firmer whites and very bright orange yolks.

Functional Outdoor Space

Unsightly chicken cages will only ruin the overall appearance of your outdoor space. There’s something about a chicken coop that adds charm to a yard. Free-range chickens make the best gardeners too! Since chickens are natural foragers, they will scratch the soil to hunt for food. This will improve the airflow in the soil, accelerating the decomposing process. The result? Nutrient-rich soil to grow a vegetable garden!

Easy Cleaning

A chicken cage is much harder to clean than a chicken coop. When you use a metal cage, the chicken’s waste ends up on the floor, which is an open invitation for worms. It won’t be long before the hens are getting sick from their own waste.

Chicken coop with runs protect the hens from germs and parasites. When the chickens are protected from waste and germs, they do not contract diseases. Chicken coops with runs are well ventilated. Once you start cleaning the coop, the chicken can simply roam around until you are done.

Safety and Protection

Stressed hens do not lay a lot of eggs. Happy hens lay healthy, tastier eggs. Chicken coop with runs provides a safe, protected environment for your chickens to thrive. Predators are kept away so the hens can lay eggs in peace. Chicken coops with runs are also great for gardens that are less secure as well as communal gardens with no fencing.

The coop also protects the hens from the elements. During the winter season, the chickens can stay indoors so they do not get sick. During the summers, the hens are free to explore and hunt food outside.