The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Groomer for Your Pet

Photo credit: Bigstockphoto
Photo credit: Bigstockphoto

Good grooming is essential to your pet’s health and appearance. Although you can always groom your pet on your own, nothing beats getting a professional service. A professional grooming service provides quality grooming for pets. In today’s post, we are listing down the benefits of hiring a professional groomer to care for your pets:

Reduces Risk of Injuries

Most pets aren’t exactly keen on taking instructions especially when it involves bathing and trimming the nails! Grooming your pet on your own could sometimes lead to minor injuries. A professional groomer knows how to handle the animal properly so the pet does not end up getting cuts, scratches or skin irritation. A groomer can also inspect any injuries and disinfect the wound to reduce the risk of infection. The same thing goes if your pet is suffering from a specific skin condition.

Proper Nail Trimming

Dogs and cats need a nail trim at least once every month. Most pet owners hate the idea of trimming their pets’ nails and most pets do not like it when their humans are fussing with their paws. A professional groomer can trim the nails of your beloved pet without injuries. They know how to coax the animal to stay still and cut the nails to the right size.

Professional Fur Trims

A fur trim is important to all pets especially dogs and cats with very thick, very long coat! The long and thick coat could make your pet uncomfortable, especially during the summer season. A trim once every month should be enough to keep your pets happy and comfortable. A professional groomer knows all the right styles to give your pet.

Proper Grooming Supplies

Pets, just like human beings, require different grooming supplies to address different needs. For instance, the grooming supplies of a short-coated dog is different from that of a long-haired pooch. The same thing goes for cats. Each cat needs different grooming items. A groomer knows what types of grooming items to use and to offer to pet owners. Most groomers are more than happy to recommend certain products that suit a specific pet. So if you are unsure about a certain product, don’t hesitate to ask a professional groomer.

Bonus Services

Some grooming services offer extra services that your pet will love. These extra services include massages, spa treatments, de-skunking, tooth brushing and so much more. Imagine how much fun your pet will have from any of these great services.

Detect Health Problems

Because most groomers are familiar with early signs of skin or health problems, he can alert pet owners of possible abnormalities. Signs of possible health problems include gum discoloration, skin discoloration or lumps. These signs are very subtle that they go unnoticed until a groomer points it out to the owner. Professional groomers can also detect signs of parasitic problems such as ear mites, fleas, etc.

Pet Care Tips

Most professional groomers are more than happy to share their wealth of practical pet care tips to their customers. He or she can teach you how to tell if your pet is having coat issues and how to solve it. Your groomer can also give diet tips to ensure a shiny, beautiful coat. You can also ask more about day to day maintenance to protect your pet from diseases.