The Dangers of Feeding Pets with Recalled Pet Foods

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Recalls are action taken to remove a certain product off the market. Recalls are not uncommon in the food industry. It’s often conducted by the manufacturer or at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA. Unfortunately, most pet owners often overlook announcements on pet food recalls because such announcements are not highlighted in the news.

The Dangers of Feeding Pets with Recalled Pet Food

Various pet food products are recalled every year for different reasons. For instance, K-9 Kraving Dog  was recalled on October 2, 2015, for traces of salmonella and listeria monocytogenes. Good ‘n’ Fun  is another pet food product recalled for traces of salmonella. Western Blend is a horse feed brand that was recalled last September 2015 for “potential monensin contamination.”

Clearly, one of the most common reasons why certain pet food brands are recalled is due to contamination with dangerous microbes. Exposure to these microbes could be fatal for pets.

The process of recalling pet foods are a long and lengthy one. It requires clinical research to isolate and identify the hazardous chemical or microbe in the pet food. Once the microbe or chemical has been identified, an order from either the maker or the FDA will be carried out. At this point, the product is taken off the market. Announcements about the recall will be made online or through the press. The pet food is also added to the official list of recalled foods so pet owners can check it out and avoid it at all cost.

As a pet owner, you should always strive to provide the best food for your beloved furry friends. Pets are extremely vulnerable to certain microbes or chemicals and all these can cause health complications. Simply put, recalled pet foods must not be fed to pets at all.

How to Know if a Certain Pet Food is Recalled

A great way to check if a certain pet food has been recalled is by making a quick search online. We recommend performing a general search to get a list of pet foods that were recalled before. Then, make a targeted search for specific brands. From here, you can learn if a certain brand has a history of being recalled in the past.

What to do with Recalled Pet Food

If say, a certain pet food you’re using has been recalled, we recommend taking your pet to the vet for an observation. If the pet becomes sick, let the vet know about the recalled pet food for immediate treatment. At the same time, we recommend filing a complaint with the FDA if your pet has been poisoned via the Consumer Complaint Coordinator in your state.

Finally, dispose of the pet food properly and clean your pet’s food and water bowl every day. To dispose of the pet food, we recommend adding it to a compost pit. Of course, make sure the pet food is made with natural ingredients so it breaks down. Also, dispose of the pet food properly so strays won’t come and eat it. Keep the trash can sealed so no stray dog or cat will rummage through your bin.