Top 11 Foods That You and Your Dog Can Share

Photo by: Bigstockphoto
Photo by: Bigstockphoto

Dogs aren’t just man’s best friend, they’re family. Since they’re part of the pack, it means you get to share your food with them, right? Unfortunately, some “people foods” aren’t safe for dogs. And not all of them are good for you either. These foods may cause serious health problems or even death if you’re not careful with your choices.

If you want to be a healthy pet owner to happy dogs, here is a list of the top 11 foods that you and your dog can share.

1. Lean beef

Hamburgers and steaks are just two of the most popular beef dishes people enjoy. But dogs also have their fair share of this meat. Beef is an ingredient found in many dog foods.

Why it’s good for you and your dog: Health experts say that beef is one of the most nutrient-rich foods. A small serving can provide you and your dog with 9 essential nutrients, namely vitamins B6 and B12, iron, zinc, choline, selenium, niacin, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Altogether, these nutrients provide energy, bolster the immune system, and promote healthier digestion, stronger bones and teeth, and better brain function.

Beef is also good source of protein. It builds muscles and encourages the healthy growth of any growing puppy. Since it’s low on calories, you don’t have to worry about gaining weight or having an obese dog. Dogs get fat too, you know. Compared to other red meats, lean beef contains less cholesterol and saturated fats, making it a healthier choice overall.

Tips for dog owners: Get lean cuts to ensure a healthy meal for you and your dog. Trim any visible fat before cooking. Cook beef well to kill any bacteria or parasite. Avoid grilling or frying – baking or boiling is preferred. Never use onions or garlic since they cause anemia in dogs. Serve cut or ground for easy chewing.

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