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Understanding the Digestion Process to Achieve Better Health

Digestion is a biological process that breaks down the food you eat. This process starts in the mouth. Once food enters the mouth, the teeth break it down into smaller pieces. Then, the food is moved in the small intestines via the esophagus. As the food enters the stomach, it is mixed with digestive juices to break it down to …

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How Cholesterol Affects the Health

Cholesterol is a type of lipid molecule that is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the cell membranes and retain cell viability in animals and human beings. This lipid molecule can be good and bad for the health. Cholesterol is critical for brain development, production of hormones and maintenance of the cell membranes. However, certain types of cholesterol do …

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How Anesthetics Affect Major Organs

Anesthesia is unique in the medical world because in itself, it does not have any medical benefit at all. What it does, is it allows other medical interventions to take place. There are different types of anesthetics and each one serves a specific purpose. However, they work similarly: they numb the body before a medical procedure. Anesthesia is routinely administered …

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