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Window or Aisle: Airline Seating Tips

Generally speaking, you can get your seat reserved at the same time that you buy your plane ticket – most airlines can book up to 11 months in advance. Some smaller airlines don’t assign seats ahead of time and you will have to wait until you check in for the flight. Obviously, the further ahead you book your seat, the …

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Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Are you trying to plan a business trip or vacation? Are you concerned about the price of flights given the fact that the economy isn’t so healthy? These days, most people go online to find flights because it’s more convenient than visiting a bricks and mortar travel agent.  As a consequence of this, there are now several travel websites to …

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What to Do if the Airline Loses Your Luggage

Although lost luggage is a rare occurrence – less than 0.05 percent of checked bags are actually lost – when it happens to you, it is inconvenient to say the least. As most experienced travelers know, one of the first rules of efficient travel is to put valuable and important items, such as camera, passport, tickets and prescription medication in …

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