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Facts About Nitrile Allergy

If you are a medical practitioner then you might be familiar with nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic polymer with similar attributes to natural rubber latex. These gloves are free from latex proteins that cause allergies in some people. Nitrile gloves also provide better protection against biohazard or toxic chemicals. They are also more resistant to tearing …

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Poison Oak Rash: How to Treat It

There’s nothing more alarming than getting caught in poison oak. Even worse when you are trekking outdoors and there’s no immediate help for it. Now before you disagree about exploring outdoors because of poison oak, it is best that you inform yourself about this plant and what you can do in case you come in contact with it. What is …

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The Difference Between Milk Allergy and Milk Intolerance

People often confuse the conditions of milk allergy and milk intolerance, also known as lactose intolerance. However, they are completely unrelated conditions. Milk allergy is a condition in which the immune system has a negative reaction to the proteins in the milk. Simply stated, milk allergy is an allergic response. An allergic reaction to the protein found in cow’s milk …

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