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Giannella, Tuscany: A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Giannella is a picturesque village located in central Italy in Tuscany. Apart from its lush forests, pristine coves, and complex wildlife, Giannella is also a beach paradise, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Along the Tuscan shores are hundreds of miles of white sand beaches. The place also features pine forests, rocky bays, and fabulous bay inlets! Italian culture is …

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Don’t Die for a Tan on Vacation

Exposing fair skin to the sun, especially if you don’t normally live in a sunny climate, is one of the most dangerous things many people do on vacation.  How many happy holidaymakers hit the beach on day one wearing the new swimsuit and maybe a little bit of suntan lotion?  They are not so happy a few hours later when …

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20 Fantastic Tropical Beaches to Visit

A picturesque tropical beach as a winter getaway makes for a smart vacation idea. Imagine frolicking in one of the world’s most spectacular warm-climate beaches as you wait away the passing of the cold months. Here are 20 of the world’s great tropical beaches to consider as your holiday vacation destination. 1. Bamboo Island Beach, Thailand Thailand is one of …

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