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9 Cancer Causing Chemicals in Personal Care and Beauty Cosmetic Products

1. Paraben Parabens have been widely used in the cosmetics and beauty industry as preservatives because it effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and yeast in most beauty products. This might sound great and all but paraben is a carcinogenic compound, something that major beauty brands still use to this day. Paraben contain estrogen-mimicking compounds that are linked to …

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Weird Gunk In Beauty Products That Works Wonders

Snake venom? Pond scum? Silk cocoon fibers? Ever wonder what’s in your favorite face cream or lotion? The beauty industry is notorious for adding some of the weirdest ingredients there are and marketing it as another newfangled product to try. We have to admit, some of the weird gunk in high-end cosmetics aren’t really all that different from more familiar …

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