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How Seaweed Strengthens the Heart and Boosts Overall Health

Seaweed refers to different species of marine algae. This macroscopic and multicellular marine plant has many uses but it is commonly cultivated as food and medicine. The health benefits of seaweed are well documented through dozens of clinical tests and studies. Seaweed is typically used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. So what makes this marine plant so effective …

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What are the Health Benefits of Eating Rice?

Rice is the most widely consumed grain in the world. As a commodity, rice is the third highest in production worldwide. Rice is a staple in most countries, particularly Asian countries. Although not exactly regarded as a superfood, rice is surprisingly nutritious. This goes especially for unrefined or unprocessed rice varieties. In today’s post, we are listing down the health …

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How to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is not a pleasant condition. In fact, if the high blood pressure is not controlled, it could lead to heart attack, stroke and even death. That is why while this high blood pressure is still manageable, it is best to keep it down for good. But how can you lower blood pressure? Do you need medication for …

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