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Cut versus Uncut: The Battle Over Circumcision

The human body may have been evolving for millions of years but some cultures believe that evolution got it wrong. Take the male foreskin: chopping it off at birth is the preferred choice for many Americans and, for religious reasons, for many Jews and Muslims. The personal choice of the male involved plays no role whatsoever. The reasons for circumcision …

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Reducing the Risk of Cancer Through Lifestyle Measures

In 2008 there were around 12.7 million new diagnoses of cancer worldwide. While the link between smoking and lung cancer is widely publicised, the choices we make in terms of what we eat and drink, and how active we are, can also influence our cancer risk. The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that one third of cancers could be prevented …

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Don’t Die for a Tan on Vacation

Exposing fair skin to the sun, especially if you don’t normally live in a sunny climate, is one of the most dangerous things many people do on vacation.  How many happy holidaymakers hit the beach on day one wearing the new swimsuit and maybe a little bit of suntan lotion?  They are not so happy a few hours later when …

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