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How to Use Tea to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion caused by unpleasant mental distress and inner turmoil. Usually, anxiety is accompanied by nervous behaviors – such as pacing back and forth, feelings of imminent death, and uneasiness – followed by muscular tension, fatigue, restlessness, and worry. Although you can always pop a pill to manage stress, there are all natural ways to deal with stress. …

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Powerful Herbs for Beautiful Skin and Better Health

It is not hard to achieve a healthy body and complexion because some of the most powerful herbs nature can offer are found in the kitchen. Keep your skin youthful and radiant by using these beautifying herbs: Chamomile Chamomile tea does more than just calm the nerves. This potent tea is teeming with anti-inflammatory compounds that heal irritated skin. It …

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Amazing Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a type of herb that belongs to the Asteraceae family. The flowers of the chamomile plant resemble that of daisies. Although chamomile is popularly taken as tea, this herb has been used for centuries as treatment to various health problems. We all know chamomile tea is usually taken to help improve sleep or to relieve an upset stomach. …

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