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All About Raw Nuts: The Nutritional and Health Benefits of Raw Nuts

Nuts make the perfect snack. They are portable, tasty and low in calories. Nuts are high in beneficial fats, protein and fiber. They are packed with essential nutrients that keep the body healthy. Store-bought nuts are typically roasted to extend the shelf life and add a hint of smokiness to the nuts. Although roasted nuts are a part of a …

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4 Tips To Beat PMS Cravings

You don’t need to be a nutritional expert to know that you can’t eat burgers and doughnuts on a regular basis. Fastfood and fried dough contain heinous amounts of saturated and trans fat, cholesterol and sugar. But it’s especially difficult to keep your diet in check when you’re PMS-ing because everything looks so dang good. And when you are PMS-ing, …

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